Burkas Are Bad For Your Health

by Venomous Kate

Burka, the head-to-toe coverings that Islamic men insist their women must wear because the men are such weaklings when it comes to temptation, aren’t just bad fashion. They’re bad for women’s health*, too.

Scientists had previously found high rates of vitamin D deficiency in Arab and East Indian women living in the United Arab Emirates. A follow-up study investigated the effect of vitamin D supplements on 178 UAE women, many of whom covered themselves entirely, faces and hands included, when outside their homes. Only two of the women did not have vitamin D deficiency prior to receiving supplements.

Not that staunch Islamic fundamentalists would actually care, of course. They’d prefer anything over allowing “uncovered meat” distract them from planning their latest jihad.

(Slink via Rammer.

2 Responses to “Burkas Are Bad For Your Health”

  1. I never thought of it that way, but yeah. It’s the best source for vit D. And if you’re not getting your vitamin D, you’re not properly absorbing your calcium. Nice.

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