Interpol Hunt for Hussein’s Daughter

by Venomous Kate

Saddam Hussein’s eldest daughter is the subject of a worldwide Interpol warrant. Although she’d been living in Jordan under asylum last year, she’s since disappeared.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry told the BBC that Interpol had notified member countries to arrest Raghad Saddam Hussein, accused of terrorism and other offences. Last year, the pro-U.S. Iraqi government put Raghad and her mother Sajida on a list of its most wanted fugitives, alleging they supported the insurgency in Iraq.

Serious stuff, those accusations.

But what I really want to know is: what kind of a name is Raghad? Surely her father realized how very much it sounds like “Raghead”. Or is it the Iraqi equivalent of naming your kid Myron or Bertha?

Then again, Saddam always was known for his cruelty.

3 Comments to “Interpol Hunt for Hussein’s Daughter”

  1. Actually, it’s Arabic for “pleasant” (variant: “Raghidah”), but if the, um, fabric fits….

  2. Ragh(e)ad is a prime example of apples not falling far from the tree.

  3. Good luck with that. The US can’t even find a 6’2″ Arab on a dialysis machine.