Start By Standing Up

by Venomous Kate

By the time you read this, seven more women in Iran will most likely have been stoned to death after being convicted of committing adultery.

Under Shari’a law, a prisoner is buried up to her breast, her hands restrained. Rules also specify the size of the stones which can be thrown so that death is painful and not imminent. (Source.)

As brutal as that sounds, the horror cannot begin to compare to actually seeing such an execution. (video link)

These abominations against humanity — carried out in the name of Allah and under the twisted guise of avenging “honor” – are not limited to Iran, however. As I’ve written in the past they aren’t limited to those countries that we Americans, comfortably ensconced in our individual rights and personal liberties, consider barbaric or war-torn. Women are brutalized, maimed for life and killed even in those countries we consider progressive.

They happen everywhere. Everywhere. And too few people do anything about it.

Still, there are some who try. Some who take a stand and refuse to be apathetic monsters. If you’re ready to take your stand, Ali can show you how.

But if you’re still on the fence, if you don’t understand the urgency to do something now, then take a look at the graphic photo below and realize the victim of this deed, committed in the name of Allah and “honor”, was one of the “lucky” ones. She lived.

Maimed in the name of honor
Source: National Geographic Article.

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  1. There is one man who again is challenging the Muslim faith…Salman Rushdie, I guess the only voice for reform.

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