A Poem* For My Husband

by Venomous Kate

I have eaten
the cooked bacon
that was in
the fridge

and which
you were probably
saving for our kid’s

Forgive me
it was delicious
so bacony
and there.

*With apologies to William Carlos Williams.


8 Comments to “A Poem* For My Husband”

  1. Ahhhh, bacon Is here any better way to dress it than PB and bacon on sour dough toast. It’s just not for breakfast any more.

  2. I prefer it grilled with cheese! How did you eat it Kate?

  3. Twoma, With peanut butter? I’ve never heard of that before!

  4. Havens, I’m rather fond of it all by itself, or alongside some fried eggs. But my very favorite way is in a BLT, on freshly baked bread, with a homemade aioli, and both lettuce and tomatoes fresh from my garden. That sandwich is, in itself, the reason why I grow vegetables.

  5. My three sons and I occasionally buy 2 of the 3 lb ‘odds and ends’ bacon packages and cook them up for dinner.

    It’s a guy thing.

    No girls allowed! 🙂

    BTW- I start all 6 lbs in a big soup pot to sort of ‘sweat’ the fat out
    then I move a pan full at a time to the frying pan to crisp it up and then move the crisped bacon to a bowl with plenty of paper towels in the bottom
    I pour the grease from the pan back into the soup pot and get the next batch to crisp

    It’s very efficient

    My number one cooking rule is:

    Very few things can not be improved with bacon, onions and or garlic

  6. That’s an excellent rule, Will. I actually cure and smoke our bacon, starting with fresh pork belly, using the recipe in Michael Ruhlman’s Charcuterie, so I always have some bacon ‘odds and ends’ for soup or certain vegetables. (Fried eggplant tastes SO much better in bacon fat!)

  7. I always save the bacon fat. I clarify it and put it in a glass jar in the frig. I use it in place of the oil in pancakes and waffels. Use a little in micro-eggs. And I sub it for part of the butter in nuts & bolts.
    Have you tried chocolate dipped bacon?

  8. I bet pancakes cooked in it taste heavenly!