And How Is YOUR Summer Going So Far?

by Venomous Kate

With all the rain we’ve had lately, the Big-Eyed Boy’s been cooped up indoors (read: near me) too much lately. So, it’s been a long, grueling day here at the Venomous Household — as in, a day I’ve spent thinking almost non-stop, “You know, I really should’ve just given the Venomous Hubby a blow-job when he came home from that business trip 11 years ago.”

But enough about me.

How are you staying sane so far this summer?

12 Responses to “And How Is YOUR Summer Going So Far?”

  1. But just think of all the blog fodder you would’ve missed. 😉

  2. I understand the point you’re trying to make; but honestly that’s just good advice to pass on to women everywhere.

  3. We can get any f****t to give us what you said. It’s the other thing that only you women have that makes us men glad to be men.

  4. You got to get your husband to help you remember why you did it in the first place more often, I think.

  5. that was too funny Kate,I am going crazy its 95 here the heat index is 105

  6. I LOLd mightily at this blog entry. Most hilarious.

  7. If he won’t do it, you come see me after the Fourth of July when my wife goes to Greece to see her mother.

  8. Yahnnnnnn, come on Kate. This entree is growing black mold. How is the book doing. Got the gallies yet? Need a proof reader? I’m just down the street (K 7) in Camelot (Johnson Co.). Come on, bite me Venom.

  9. Possibly the worst summer, ever. Shall I begin the list of superlatives?

  10. Last summer was the worst ever. This summer is all about the air conditioning.

    And work. Sigh.

  11. I hear ya, Joan. I don’t know what I’d do without our AC. We had our freon charged up last year. They tried to convince us we desperately needed a new, $6,500 HVAC unit instead of $175 worth of freon. Er, nope. For the first time since we bought the house our unit’s keeping it at a reasonable 74 indoors, even on days when the heat index climbed to 105. (Knock on wood!)

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