And Then God Created TaB Soda And It Was Good

by Venomous Kate

Let there be TaB sodaIf you ask me, that’s how the Biblical creation story really ought to go. I am, as I’ve mentioned before, addicted to TaB soda. Back when we lived in Hawaii, I had to have TaB shipped to me and made everyone who visited bring it with them.

VH secretly suspects that the reason I insisted on moving back to Kansas was so I could have an unfettered supply of the stuff, and he’s not entirely wrong. Unfortunately, thanks to a bonehead taking over the Commissary at Ft. Leavenworth, my supply ran out.

Until today.

Today, my friend Kim sent me TaB. Four 12-packs of it, as a matter of fact. That’s forty-eight little pink cans full of heaven, all (but one) of them now safely locked away in my desk.

I’m so happy I could pee.


13 Comments to “And Then God Created TaB Soda And It Was Good”

  1. Nehi Peach is older — it goes back to 1947. But RC is even older than that, dating back to 1905. And, yes, I remember them. When I was a kid we’d walk down to the 5 & 10 and buy RC and moon pies.

    And, btw, I blame blogging for my fat ass. It’s hard to keep from piling on poundage when your day consists of walking from the bed to the kitchen to the desk and then, at the end of the night, repeating the sequence in reverse. Oh, sure, I could step away from the computer and exercise, but that’s not nearly as much fun.

  2. Wow…Is that older than RC Cola? Or what about that NEHI Peach Soda, remember those?? I’m addicted to Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I’m sure it’s the culprit behind my fatass.

    Lori’s last blog post..Is the DOT Finally Cracking Down on Mexican Trucks?

  3. The local store offered the Tab energy drink, same logo, similar cans, but $1.50 each.

    I don’t understand why kids today will pay extra for an energy drink. In my day, soda sold less than two bits carried all the sugar and caffeine you need.

    Considering I’m still on the Schnucks Cola wagon, it’s still my day.

    Brian J.’s last blog post..The Antithesis of Sharing

  4. I am so old I remember Tab when it had saccharine. My mother drank it by the gallon. I recall the saccharine version of Tab had this unique, metallic taste, I think it was one of the first so-called diet drinks. Which was odd since our daily fare was not exactly health conscious. We had meat at every meal, including breakfast, sometimes two different kinds of meat. Practically everything was cooked with bacon drippings or fried, biscuits and gravy at almost every meal.

    Thanks for the nostalgia-inducing post.

    metal dad’s last blog post..New Walls of Jericho Coming in April

  5. I don’t understand the whole ‘energy drink’ concept, either. Coffee’s always worked for me, and ounce-for-ounce it’s even cheaper than Schnucks!

  6. Cooking with bacon drippings, with side dishes of biscuits and gravy? Dude, you just induced some nostalgia for me, too.

    Both of my grandmothers cooked Southern-style: bacon for breakfast and eggs fried over hard with sides of home fries, biscuits and gravy; dinner and supper with boiled or mashed potatoes and more gravy, fried okra, green beans cooked in the bacon fat left from breakfast, cornbread, big huge slabs of meat and pie for dessert.

    Lord how I wish for the days we didn’t know how bad that was for us!

  7. Don’t forget that Saturday is IEATAPETA (International Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA) Day! Meat, glorious meat!

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  8. Kate you are really making me hungry,dont forget the red eye gravy lol

  9. You and my sister are the only two I know of with this TaB affliction. She lives in Atlanta and seems to be able to procure it with ease.

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  10. Well aren’t Coca Cola’s corporate offices there in Atlanta?

    kimsch’s last blog post..Spitzer Resigns

  11. Oh, red eye gravy. The nectar of the gods.

  12. Well, that’s one mark in favor of living in Atlanta.

  13. Yep. Or at least they were. With all the tornadoes, who knows?