Best Birthday EVER

by Venomous Kate

Here’s a thing about being married for 10 years: some days you just can’t help lingering a bit longer in the rat poison aisle at Home Depot.

Sometimes, when you’ve said things like “Please take the trash out” or “I wish you wouldn’t fart at the table” or “You tell that mother of yours that we are not spending our anniversary at her house again!” umpteen times, only to be ignored, you get to feeling a bit small and insignificant. That’s when large power tools start looking mighty appealing.

Other times, when you’ve spent a weekend working and cleaning house while your spouse plays video games non-stop and then accuses you of being selfish because you’re too tired to play “Mean Cop and Naughty Jaywalker” again, it’s hard not to feel just a bit taken for granted. You, and eventually your spouse, learn it’s best if you don’t empty the dishwasher on those nights lest you notice how sharp and shiny those Ginsu knives of yours look.

There are even times when the logical side of your brain kicks in and you start doing a cost-benefit analysis involving life insurance proceeds and outlays for things like handy-men, painting crews, plumbers and someone to squish large bugs. That’s when non-extradition countries start sounding mighty good.

Or so I’ve heard.

And then there are times when your spouse — yes, the very same one who ignores requests about taking out the trash — remembers something you wrote almost a year ago wishing you owned a piano and had never stopped taking lessons, then puts it together with the other three, maybe four times during your marriage that you’ve said the same thing.

And then he goes and does something like this for your birthday and, well, all that other stuff seems irrelevant because you know, without the slightest bit of doubt, that you are indeed well and truly loved.

A piano for my birthday

Thank you, VH. I love my piano. I love you, too. You really are the best thing to have happened to me.

22 Responses to “Best Birthday EVER”

  1. Oh dear Lord, the neighbors won’t ever get any peace and rest now. 😀

    Just teasing, Happy Happy Birthday! Blow out the candles, Make your wish come true, For I’ll be wishing that you love me, toooooooooooo…………….

    Lincolns last blog post..In Plain Sight? GET OUTTA MY SIGHT!!

  2. I took lessons for nearly 13 years. It’s been amazing how much has come back in just the past few days! I’ve been wondering whether it’s due to all the time I spend at a computer keyboard — maybe I haven’t lost the muscle memory or something?

    I sat down yesterday and played a song that I hadn’t looked at in nearly 20 years and was able to get through it in tempo, with only 2 missed notes. Odd but truly, TRULY rewarding!

    Venomous Kates last blog post..Summertime And The Living Is Easy

  3. Happy Birthday, Kate! The piano is beautiful and VH just saved himself from the Ginsu’s for nice long time. 😉

  4. Happy Birthday, Kate! The piano is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift!!

    Lisas last blog post..The Queen Of Unfinished Business.

  5. It really is pretty, isn’t it? And it’s one of those things that was apparently “just meant to be”. He’d been looking forever for a good used piano that would work in my living room.

    The ad for this one was posted right outside his office, but the seller didn’t return his repeated calls. Then, lo and behold, friends of ours spent the night before my birthday (because I wouldn’t let them drive home) and the seller called VH the next morning.

    He had a ready-made moving crew, and it turns out the piano matches the wood in my living room, as you can see. Talk about great timing!

    Venomous Kates last blog post..Summertime And The Living Is Easy

  6. How sweet!! Can you really play though?

    Happy, Happy Birthday Sug:)

    You’re 25 right?

    Loris last blog post..Creating RSS Feeds for Everyone’s Needs

  7. Happy Birthday. VH done good! 😉

    jaes last blog post..Behind the headlines: Ken Griffey, Jr

  8. Happy Birthday! What a great guy you married! 😀

    pams last blog post..Obama’s version of Change

  9. Made me sniffle a little bit there… don’t tell anyone.

    Good on the guy for being so sneaky what with the actually listening to you when you didn’t think he was. Keep him around, even if he write you up for jaywalking!

    Happy birthday, and many more happy returns of the day.


    Joan of Argghh!s last blog post..ObamaNation: 6 Years On

  10. awwww, see, this is where the can’t live with them can’t kill them thing comes in, right? That was very sweet. Every once in a while, just when you want to beat them senseless, they put some thought in to the occasion and show that they really do truly love you.

    Have fun with your new piano. Hopefully we’ll get a performance sometime in the future?

  11. So, are you hoping Big Eyed Boy will be fascinated by hearing you play, and ask for lessons? Or just making arrangments behind his back?

    how nice of this to come while the kiddo is off at summer camp, lots of time for you to play!

  12. It’s beautiful! Happy Birthday, dear Kate.

    Roses last blog post..It’s good to be back in my own ecosystem

  13. Yay! Happy Birthday! As a lifelong musician, I don’t know what I’d do without it, so I empathize completely.

    FYI, nookie on the piano bench sounds like fun but its murder on the knees. I’m just sayin’….

    RichieDs last blog post..Cake or Death?

  14. My parents (well, my paternal grandmother) thought I should have a talent at the piano. In truth, the only thing I could play well was the thing about pumpkins or something.

    I inherited two pianos, both fairly well tuned. Both went to ex-step-children and/or ex-nieces.

    I could carry a tune in a bucket, but I had no sense of rhythm.

    I have a portable organ. I tried to play the dirge at the Third Degree of Masonry, and tried to practice it. But after a couple of degrees (two of which I was a senior officer), they kindly told me that I couldn’t play anything, much less the dirge.

    But I do understand how people can enjoy playing the piano. I enjoy playing some hymns.

  15. Wish we’d read this yesterday evening… Just sayin’.

  16. I (heart) this post.

    Mainly because I resemble all the remarks.

    Happy (belated) birthday and glad you didn’t buy any rat poison. Heh.

    Margis last blog post..And now for something completely different

  17. Happy Birthday, Kate! Many happy tunes. 🙂

  18. I had wished you Happy Birthday over at ITTIB but no harm in sending out good wishes again.

    What a great gift. Now when VH eats beans you can harmonize.

    Dees last blog post..Can This Really Get Rid of Wrinkles

  19. Nice piano and matching table. All the best in your current and future enjoyment of this instrument.

  20. Thank you, Daniel. The funny thing is that I’ve had that table for years. He lucked into finding a used piano for sale that matched my living room furniture so perfectly.

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