Brain Cancer Killed This Blog

by Venomous Kate

When I started back in 2003, my son was a toddler and my husband was an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army who was gone a lot. A lot. Then we relocated to a rural area in Hawaii — which isn’t nearly as pleasant as you’d think — and he was gone even more. There were times when two, sometimes three weeks would pass and I hadn’t spoken with anyone over the age of three.

I’ve often said this blog saved my life back then, because it put me in contact with people all over the world and gave me a reason to think. Now, I’m hoping this blog can help save my husband’s life, or at least make what’s left of it a little bit better.

You see, about a month after my last post — on July 12, 2012 to be specific — we learned that my husband has brain cancer. At the time, his tumor was considered slow-growing and following surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and he was expected to have a very good shot at living a normal lifespan.

Earlier this week, we learned that his tumors (he has two now) have progressed to glioblastoma, which has a median survival rate 14 or so months. Since he’d had an MRI in May which showed the tumors being in check, the growth between then and his July MRI indicates the clock started ticking in the past month or two.

The Venomous Hubby

[UPDATE: July 2016. Bunch of stuff deleted because brain cancer won on December 20, 2014. In addition to my husband, three other military members that I know of (though the number may be higher than I know) who served at the same location at Ft. Leavenworth, all of whom worked in the Lewis & Clark building prior to, during, and after its renovations to comply with EPA guidelines, have since succumbed to brain cancer. That is an EXTRAORDINARILY high rate, considering the relative rareness of this disease. To help protect other families from losing their loved ones to this devastating disease, please consider contributing to the American Brain Tumor Association.]

Thank you,
Not so “Venomous” anymore Kate


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  1. I will always remember this blog as how I got to know you

  2. That’s an interesting study, Chris. Hope they get it into clinical trials for humans soon! We’ve been cruising the clinical trials pages every couple of days in search for one that Mike is eligible for. Unfortunately, since one of his tumors is inoperable, and since he’s been through three different chemotherapies now, he’s ineligible for most. It’s incredibly frustrating.