Dental Donations

by Venomous Kate

In the 2 1/2 years that I’ve been blogging, I can think of three, maybe four times that I’ve actually found myself struggling to write an entry the way I’ve struggled to write this one. It’s easy to spout off an opinion over news articles or to tell you about funny (and sometimes not-so-funny) things that happen in my life.

All of that is part of an unspoken pact between bloggers and blog readers. We write, you read, and hopefully sometimes you giggle. No admission required.

So, when Randy and Velociman suggested that I hold a fund-raiser to help pay for the dental work I need after Monday night’s accident, I balked at the thought of pan-handling, at the notion of asking virtual strangers for their help.

It’s not easy to hit you up for donations, but it’s also not easy to think of going indefinitely without front teeth. And the truth of the matter is that, absent a miracle, coming up with the money to replace the teeth I’ve lost is beyond our means.

With the Venomous Hubby working the phones, we’ve been able to reduce the overall cost of the dental work. Our dentist has waived a number of fees related to the installation of the new crowns and bridges but, since he’s not the clinic owner, there are only so many fees he can waive. Bless his heart, he did talk to the clinic owners and they’ve agreed that I can go ahead with getting new “flippers” even though I can’t pay for them just yet. I’ll be getting them next Friday (and also getting another one of the cracked teeth extracted), so at least I won’t be house-bound and freakish looking. Getting bridges so I can eat something besides oatmeal and broth still has to wait until I raise the funds.

Altogether, my dental bill has been reduced from $9848 to $8274, which is a big savings but still a huge chunk of change. Unfortunately, it’s a chunk that I need to raise quickly. Not only do I need to pay for the “flippers” I’ll be getting next Friday before I can proceed with getting new permanent bridges, but, according to my dentist, the longer I go without permanent bridges in there the more likely it is that my remaining teeth are going to shift and possibly even come loose. Lovely.

But, needless to say, that didn’t stop me from throwing a Pity Party for One yesterday. Maybe it was justified, and maybe I needed it. I don’t know. At least it was a short one — thanks to my internet friends.

Thank you Kelley and Jeff for your well-wishes. Thank you, Brenda, for the PayPal donation this morning — you started my day off with a (gummy) smile. And a huge “Thank You” to my friend Doc for both the well-wishes and the donation.

Finally, thank you to you for being supportive with your kind wishes and prayers, and if you feel like donating toward my dental bill, please know that I am awed by and grateful for your generosity.

UPDATE: For some reason the PayPal button that was here wasn’t working. The button in the left sidebar is, however.

73 Responses to “Dental Donations”

  1. Reuben you are peter puffer first class. Congratulations Twirp.

  2. Just hit the jar, Kate. May it be full real soon!
    Good luck!

  3. Just hit the tipjar thanks to a reminder from Spacemonkey. I read earlier about your kinetic extraction but was at work. May you be whistling (Whisstling?) again sssoon.

  4. i have five dental implants that cost me $7,500 but I can’t afford to finish the installation of the teeth, another $6,000.

    Should I start a blog and beg for donations so I can get my dental work done?

    How pathetic.

    Have you not ever heard of taking a loan and paying it off yourself, if you are so desparate to get the work done?

    You can afford a computer and an internet connection, why can’t you figure out how to pay for your own teeth?

  5. Wow, someone woke up with colon vision this morning.

  6. Mech, only two kinds of people whistle…nah, you’ve probably heard that one before…seriously Kate, I got a few extra sheckles this month, but I’m allergic to PayPal, so how about a PO Box addy to which I can mail a check?

  7. Rivrdog, I had no idea how many people are allergic to PayPal until this. But whether it’s PayPal or e-check or snail mail, I’m grateful for the help! After all those instances of mail theft I’d written about earlier, we’ve started having our mail delivered to a PO Box. Here’s the addy:

    Venomous Kate
    P.O. Box 544
    Leavenworth, KS 66048

    And thank you!

  8. I sent a little check today 🙂 Hope it helps and good luck

  9. Oh well, no money for beer this weekend. It’s back to used antifreeze for me. But it’s for a good cause.

  10. Hope my small contribution puts you over the top. I’ve got a sympathy toothache.

  11. As a boy…and I think all young boys have done this…I depressed the wrong brake handle and found myself flung over the front handle bars (but not before the gooseneck catches the jewels in a death punch) and then to be run over by your own bike. Yes…several times. Never lost a tooth…never a scratch. Never wore a helmet for that matter. I can fully picture the crash and all the owies it can cause me as an adult, though. Hope all goes well…

  12. Charity is a blessing, both to the giver and the recipient… so thanks for the opportunity to help! Sorry it’s so little but I’m jobless right now.

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