Fang Fund Update III

by Venomous Kate

If you think it looks like the Fang Fund tracker snake in the sidebar is looking more and more colored in, you’re not imagining things. As of this moment, the Fund has reached an amazing $6347 thanks to your generosity!

Meanwhile, the Art Auction of Randy Thomas’s original art is well underway. Don’t forget that bidding closes on Wednesday night!

With your donations, I’ve already given the dentist the first payment, so this Friday I’ll be getting my “flippers” — those retainers with the teeth attached that I’ll be wearing for the next 5 weeks or so while my jaw and gums heal.

Because of you, I’ll be able to make the 2nd and the 3rd payments when I’m there to get my flippers! That leaves just over $2,000 to go before installing my permanent bridges. All that, when just 5 days ago I had no idea how I’d pay for any of this.

Thank you!

4 Responses to “Fang Fund Update III”

  1. This is great news. How is the healing process coming along?

  2. Rose, the scrapes on the side of my face are healing very well but every time I laugh I open the cut on my lower lip. My jaw is still extremely sore, but the bruises and swelling are faded. My dry socket is gone and my gums are doing better, but still very tender. As for the teeth… well, I haven’t regrown any yet. 😉

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