Fang Fund Update

by Venomous Kate

Wow. Where do I begin?

This has been a day of emotional extremes. When I first awoke, the despair I felt over my dental bills dwarfed the pain of my healing injuries. The cost was so daunting, I just couldn’t think of anything else. Writing the previous entry — “Dental Donations” — was hard because, when it comes down to it, I was afraid nobody would care.

I was so wrong.

The generosity and support that the blogosphere has extended to me is awe-inspiring. I have received so many kind notes from people who’ve been long-time readers of EV, but who’d never introduced themselves before. Others sent notes saying that they’d never visited my blog before today, but that they wanted to help out with the Fang Fund. And still others sent notes saying they were making a donation because they, too, had been through this kind of trauma before.

The blogosphere is amazing. You are all amazing. And I am so very grateful to be part of this wonderful online community. You have lifted me up from this morning’s low, and you’ve made my heart soar. Thank you!

Your donations have made it possible for me to make the first of the four payments that my dental clinic agreed to accept. There’s still quite a ways to go, as you can see by the Fang Fund meter on the sidebar, but you’ve brought me so much closer to my goal than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve been doing my best to send a note to each and every one of you who’ve donated so I can personally express my appreciation. I’ve fallen behind, though, since these pain killers make me constantly drowsy. (I’ve never napped so much in my life!) If I haven’t yet sent you a note, please know that I am truly grateful and so very touched by your kindness and my note is forthcoming.

You can monitor the Fang Fund’s growth by watching the snake in the sidebar. I’ve been updating the graphic frequently as the donations keep coming in.

With your kindness, I may get to completely color him soon!

6 Comments to “Fang Fund Update”

  1. I’m just grateful that Jane Galt posted a link over here…I’d removed you from my RSS feed during the hiatus, and never realized you were back. 🙂

    Glad you’re back. Sorry about the whole teeth thing…

  2. That’s so wonderful, Kate. There are far more people who care for you than you could have possibly imagined!

    How could that NOT be neat?

    Relax and get better, kay? xoxo

  3. Hang in there. Go sleep off the drugs. And please–don’t go Limbaugh on us, k? 😉

  4. That’s awesome, I’m happy you’re getting the help you need, without the money worries the healing will be quicker.

  5. I apologize in advance for any discomfort that giggling at this may cause you:

    Randy Millholland, the guy who writes that comic, actually retired from working entirely a year ago after challenging his readers to donate him a years’ salary.

  6. No reply needed, EV. Just get better so you can get off the jello diet. =P