I Shall Return

by Venomous Kate

Hello, Interwebs? Did you miss me while I’ve been on hiatus? With summer vacation is drawing to a close, I’ve started imagining what it’s going to be like having a few hours each day to myself once again: time to read news, time to think about what I’ve read, time to blog… maybe even time to drink an entire cup of coffee before it gets cold.

I’ve missed you. How much? Well, let me just put it this way: after drunk-dialing my mother-in-law one evening, the Venomous Hubby asked, “Don’t you think it’s time you think about blogging again to keep yourself busy?”

Oh, sure, I’ve done plenty of reading in the 4+ months I’ve taken off blogging. (Most enjoyable read of the summer: Of Bees and Mist: A Novel. Least enjoyable: anything in the Anita Blake series after book 9.) I planted a container garden and have been busily watering, harvesting and canning; I’ve cleaned the house countless times; and I’ve even managed to acquire a somewhat decent tan. There’s been some traveling, some serious progress on my novel, and of course my beloved daughter’s 18th birthday (followed by a small bout of depression as I confronted my own mortality).

One thing I haven’t done much of is paying attention to what’s going on in the world (aside from mourning American Idol’s loss of Paula Abdul). So, as you know, that kind of ignorance makes it a bit difficult to blog intelligently. Hence why I shall return… but not just yet. I first need to reacquaint myself with my laptop and then start paying attention to the world beyond my doorstep.

But, hey, this here entry’s a first.

35 Responses to “I Shall Return”


    Welcome back, VK…

  2. Yes! We knew you couldn’t stay away forever. You’ve been missed!

  3. It’s good to hear from you again! We missed you (as if you couldn’t tell by the rapid outpouring of responses)!

  4. I missed you so much!!! Welcome back pretty lady;) Can’t wait to see what interesting and snarky topics you shed light on!

  5. Oh thank God.

    I’m all for doing what’s right for you and all that.

    But jesus that sucked.

  6. Wait…

    *struggles to have a thought*

    You drunk dialed your MIL?

    *blink blink* I’m guessing that was…

    Yeah, I really wanna know.

  7. I’d share more, but I don’t remember a single word of it.

  8. I gave up on Anita Blake when she got with the vampire and the werewolf. I figured I’d never have a shot with her then.

  9. Same here Brian. When it turned into the chicklit crap about which vampire she really “belonged to” while playing the werewolf off against the vampire I checked out, probably mid book.

    The early one where she iced the voodoo priestess was pretty damn slick though, I’ve gotta say.

  10. I loved the first few books, but the later ones just seem episodic… with the episodes consisting of poorly-written sex. At one point I found myself scanning pages looking for the story happening between the encounters. That’s when I quit.

  11. Yep, that one was good. By the time I gave up, she was not only doing the Master vampire and the werewolf king, but two werepanthers and another vampire. And when she wasn’t screwing one or more of them simultaneously she was trying to convince herself she’s not a slut. In my book, if it acts like a slut and fucks everything around it like a slut, well, it’s a slut.

  12. Congrats!

  13. Welcome back! I find it hilarious that your hubby thought you needed to start blogging again. πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to read about some your adventures while on hiatus. Sorry you don’t care for the Anita Blake books.. I usually skim past the sex for the story and once you get past so many the sex isn’t the center of everything anymore. Lately it’s hard to find *anything* that doesn’t revolve around sex (music, tv, movies, books, etc.)… Maybe someday!

  14. Hey Kate, have you read the Morganville vampires books? I like those a lot. Very little sex, but that’s not why I like them.

  15. The really great news is that by announcing your return I am no longer the pathetic loser who couldn’t get over a closed blog; but have instead become a faithful friend who stood by loyally during a temporary hiatus.

    …and people think I need therapy!

    -the twitching’s not so noticeable any more

  16. “Lately it’s hard to find *anything* that doesn’t revolve around sex”

    You’re obviously not familiar with my social life.

  17. Well THANK GOD!

    I stopped reading the Anita Blake series because when I tried skimming past the relentless sex parts, there wasn’t anything else to read!

    I found a good vampire hunter series by Chris Marie Green.

    Welcome back, Kate…the blog world needs you!

  18. Welcome back! Or, rather, welcome back soon… or however you want to phrase it :).

  19. About freakin’ time! Welcome back πŸ™‚

  20. Glad I kept you on Mr. Blogroll.

  21. Told you you’d be back. And as promised, we are here. πŸ™‚

    Welcome back.

  22. Welcome Back πŸ™‚ Was happy to see your post appear in my feeds!

  23. I was just thinking about you the other day. I almost could not believe it when I saw your feed in my reader! Welcome back!

  24. HOORAY! Glad you’re back.

    BTW, I sent you a friend request on Facebook, if you happen to reacquaint yourself with it. πŸ™‚

  25. Favorite off-color joke from my college days….

    Q: What’s the difference between a slut and a bitch?

    A: A slut will sleep with anybody. A bitch will sleep with anyone but you.

  26. Hurray, glad to see ya back, even if it’s just temporary for now. Can’t wait til ya come back all the way!!!!!!!

  27. Glad you are coming back! πŸ™‚ You were missed in our house too.

  28. Good to have you back.

  29. Welcome back. Been taking a vacation myself so I was a little late catching up on you.

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