I Want A New Drink

by Venomous Kate

I need to find a new signature drink. Martinis are so passé, not to mention I can’t make a decent one and therefore have to rely on the skills of others. Suggestions?

Some caveats:
(1) No “shot” type drinks. Only sippers!

(2) I want something simple, as in: open bottle, pour, enjoy.

(3) If it costs more than $25, VH will “accidentally” forget to buy it. Even if it’s a sure-fire Get Lucky drink.

(4) Don’t suggest red wine (it gives me headaches) or tequila (I give other people headaches).

(5) Nothing too sweet. Yep, I’m STILL dieting. (Down 27 pounds now, thanks for asking.)

That said – heh – what do you suggest?

44 Comments to “I Want A New Drink”

  1. My version of Martini …Keep the vodka in the freezer… when ready for Martini pour frozen vodka into glass add olive.

    But now hubby simplified for me, for the real deal.

    In a spray bottle dry vermouth. Do as above and spray the top of the vodka with vermouth mist 2 times.

    Wala Easy Martini.

  2. Passé?



    I’m so confused. None of this makes sense to me.

  3. Ok, this is hard. Martinis are good.

    Gin, Tonic. Gin and Tonic. With Lime. LIME!

    Tanqueray is still under 25 bucks.

    And some ICE.

    Send his a$$ down to the class six store to get some booze. Cheap, like. (I said six — six — get your mind out of the gutter.)

    Put a shot and a half of Tanqueray in a glass with some ice. Cut the end off a lime and squeeeeeze the juice from the end into the glass. Cut a slice off the lime, slit the peal and put it on the top of the glass. Fill the glass with TONIC.

    Add a mix stix. Stir.

    Imbibe with love.

  4. I like dry sparkling wine (champagne when I can get it) with a splash of any kind of fruit juice on hand. Healthy and tasty, and not very sweet.

  5. I’m with rammer on this one. G&T is my drink of choice (although I suspect my version is a bit stronger than his, since my measure can be best described as “that looks about right”), but any gin-based drink is teh awsum.

    Hell, I got started drinking gin lo those many years ago by unwittingly ordering a gin & coke in Spain.

  6. Well, the TaiTai beat me to it…so I’ll add this one.

    Old Fashioned:

    Sugar Cube
    Muddle in shot of bitters and tsp of water

    Throw in a cherry and you have a good sipper for the rest of the evening.

  7. crown royal with anything

  8. See, I’m a fan of sweet drinks. My standard drink for the past 20 years has been Malibu Rum and pineapple juice. Light on the pineapple juice. My husband’s drink for the past 20 years has been Tanqueray & tonic.

  9. Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade. Made with limoncello. Is Good.

  10. Ice Cold Vodka ( freezer yes ! ), over ice, fresh lime
    – clean, classic & to the point.


    Dark n Stormy: dark spiced rum, ginger beer, fresh lime in a tall glass w/ ice.
    – delish, refreshing, perfect summer afternoon at the pool, a spicy twist on a rum and coke but not at all sweet.

  11. After my day at the “Cave of Angst & Hell”, I like to sit in my favorite lounger, I like sipping on, this is going to sound “odd”, Tanqueray and Ginger Ale (not the “usual” gin & tonic) with ice and lemon or lime wedge – or both – or none. It’s not sweet & it’s not overly potent. I usually put 1/2 Tanqueray and 1/2 Ginger Ale in a rocks glass, but lately I’ve been using the largest glass I can find. It could be that I’ll be 40 in May and have a soon-to-be-2-year-old from hell, a 10 year old who’s actually an angel compared to the 2 year old, and the 41 year old husband who thinks after he’s taken out the garbage he’s cleaned the entire house. Other faves of mine are Woo-Woos (peach schnapps w/Cranberry juice, vodka cranberry, and an old old favorite, Captain Morgan over ice – either with or without coca-cola.

  12. Simplicity, regality, sophistication, contemplation, relaxation, not sweet and not fast… You just described the avocation of sipping fine Scotch. Get over the initial “it tastes like a charcoal briquette” reaction. Get some passable single malt (can be done at your budget limit).

    Get glass. Pour appropriate amount in glass. Add ice if you must. Sip slowly. Take a bit, roll it around your mouth, swallow slowly (no I am not describing something else). Breathe. Relax. Repeat.

  13. I make a Bloody Mary that you might enjoy, given that you’re dieting…it’s a meal in itself.

    Just make your basic Bloody Mary, with decent vodka and Bloody Mary mix… I make my own but Mr&Mrs T Spicy is good…and instead of a stick of celery for ganrish, use skewers of veggies and cold cuts.

    I like red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, garlic stuffed olives and peperroni or salami, personally, but you can use whatever sound good to you. My husband likes cucumbers in his.

    Not really pour and enjoy, but they go together quickly. I’m doing the prep work tonight for the gane tomorrow!

    Also nice to use celery salt on the rim of the glass…..

  14. I’m with Jeff. Go simple, go single malt 🙂

  15. Take your usual vodka that you use for “martinis” {{{shudder}}}, and add it to OJ, but instead of making a classic screwdriver, use a 1:1 ratio or 1:2 (vodka:OJ) to keep the amount of juice down to manageable levels. (Or, engineer the juice so that it’s diluted in half, then jazz it up with a bit of lime–this will keep the sugar level from getting ridiculous.)

    And/or: drink anything with limoncello in it. Or drink limoncello straight.

    Or send the limoncello to me.

  16. See Plumcake’s recipe for Caipirinhas here. They’re tasty little boogers that’ll land you square on your ass if your not careful.

    (P.S. — The books arrived. Yay… and many thanks!)

  17. Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade has Limoncello in it. Really good.

  18. Me, too, please. Limoncello over crushed ice is the perfect summer tipple.

  19. Jeff nailed it. I would have suggested the same thing but I could not have phrased it like Jeff did.

  20. I suspect that what you are looking for is a good winter drink. For me, anything with tonic is a summer drink…

    Well, I like Old Fashioneds (is that actually a word?) in cold weather, but GZ beat me to it. Anyway, they are a bit of a pain to make, because you have to somehow get the sugar to dissolve.

    Another one I like this time of year is called a Fancy Whiskey, and it is very simple: a shot of bourbon, and a splash of triple sec, over ice. You can vary the amount of triple sec according to your taste, to make it as sweet or as dry as you like – I prefer it pretty dry, just enough triple sec to give it a hint of orange. It’s a sippin’ drink, good for relaxing in front of the fire.

    As my father in law would have said: na zdravia (Slovak for “to your health”).

  21. Ya know, I’ve got one of those Misto Sprayers. They *suck* for olive oil (after the first fill, that is), but I bet they’d be great for vermouth!

  22. I swore off gin after drinking too much of it in my mid-20s when I thought drinking gin made me seem glamorous. It *did*… until I had one too many. Once you’ve puked up gin you can never, ever drink it again. (YMMV)

  23. That’s a diet-killer for me. Juice is out of the question, and champagne has too much natural sugar in it. Otherwise, I’d agree. I doooo lurves my bubbles.

  24. See previous gin-puking comment. OMG. Even thinking about gin-puking brings back the bad memories.

  25. Well, see, I started drinking martinis on April 3, 1997. At that point, no one under 40 drank them. Fast forward 3/4 of a liver and now 20-somethings drink them (apple flavored) to be “hip”, while TV shows make fun of 40-something women who drink them before morphing into cougars on the prowl. Which, frankly, explains SO MUCH of the crap I put up with whenever I order a martini when out.

    Ergo, I need a new drink: one that I can make at home in a pinch, and one that doesn’t communicate the wrong message when I’m out.

  26. While I agree Old Fashioneds and Rob Roys are all good, the whole ‘muddle’ bit violates Caveat #2. But thanks for playing!

  27. Only if you’re driving… and posting my bail.

  28. Malibu? Really? It always tastes like suntan oil to me. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a diet-killer for me.

  29. What’s the carb and calorie count on it? Is there HFCS in it? (VK doesn’t do that crap anymore, and that’s part of what’s led to the weight loss.)

  30. Drea, I’ve always considered you a woman of impeccable taste… aside from your political leanings. What, you thought I’d forgotten you??? 😉 That first one is probably going to become my go-to drink. As in: go to the fridge and get drunk, Kate!

    Just reading the second one, to be honest, made my stomach roil. See previous comments about gin, but add 6 years to my age and substitute Capt. Morgan’s. (Oooh crap. Where’d I put the Tums?)

  31. Tummy. Heaving. NOT. GOOD!!!

  32. Well, Jeff, as you may have read on Facebook, I’ve since remembered why I’m not allowed to drink brown liquor. No spouses — or police — were harmed in that rediscovery, but I now know why I’ve been wanting to replace my white ceramic tile bathroom floor with something in an earth tone.

  33. Hmm… food AND appetizers in one glass, how efficient! I do so love efficiency, but I have to be honest: I’m having a hard time envisioning the ‘veggies and cold cuts on a skewer’ thing. How does salami, for instance, affect the taste?

  34. Wanna come help me jackhammer out the old tile and lay the new stuff???

  35. Okay, since I don’t do fruit juice — too many calories in too little space = too big of hips in too little jeans) — that’s not going to work for me. I wish it would; the very thought of lemon and vodka is yummy… until I recall Lemon Drops. Then, see my previous comments about Gin and Capt. Morgans and substitute “Lemon Drops”.

    (Hmm… is it just me, or do I sound like I barf easily?)

  36. I’m so glad the books made it there! Wish I’d seen this earlier so you knew I wasn’t ignoring you, but I’m having MASSIVE problems with my iPhone’s email. *sigh*

    And, though I love ya Leslie, any drink that requires a recipe violates Caveat #2. If I could follow recipes whilst drinking, I’d be able to make a decent martini. Lord knows I’ve had enough practice!!!

  37. Well, KEWL. When you’re done selling your wholesale clothing and spamming blogs like mine in the hope of getting Google Juice even though this is a “no_follow” comment section, perhaps you’ll come over and help me chisel out the white ceramic tile on my bathroom floor and laying some decent earth-toned tile? I’m thinking Terrazzo. What’re your thoughts?

  38. Ice…pour…splash…imprecision works…?

    D’akujem, Uncle Bill. Nech slúži!!!

  39. I’m impressed! I don’t speak any Slovak, but I learned a few words from my father-in-law. I actually know d’akujem from my days growing up in Pittsburgh, and listening to the old guys in my neighborhood, but I had no idea how to spell it. I always thought they were Polish, but is that Slovak, too? I had to look up Nech slúži. Cheers to you, too.

    In the unlikely event that I ever have the pleasure of meeting you in person, I will tell you my story about pravo, levo, and rovana (right, left and straight ahead – probably butchered the spelling.)

  40. Can’t find any nutrition facts on the Tuscan Lemonade but it’s Smirnoff 21 and limoncello with a touch of lemon and citrus. That’s all. oh, and only 30 proof so it won’t knock you over.

  41. Ok, Kate, get a brandy snifter glass that is as big as your hand. Pick it up. Cup the bottom with your whole hand. Use a cloth and dry polish it sparkly. Now the whole glass should be warm and dry.

    Pour in a shot and a half of Cognac. I like Martel, but Hennessy or Remy will be fine. Do not use cheap ass brandy. And don’t pour in too much.

    Swirl it around the glass. Let it get all warm and smokey in the warm glass in your warm hand. Sip and sip again. The aroma should surround you.

    Finish your drink a sip at a time and go thank your husband for spending $25 bucks at the class 6 store to get you the good stuff.

    Thank him a bunch…

  42. I know it is brown but would you consider B&B? You just need some good brandy and Benidictine and the right glass. Layer the two at the narrow part and sip away.

  43. Nah, this one’s EASY. Crushed ice. Juice of 1 lime. 1 spoon extra-fine sugar or a 1/2 ounce of simple syrup (and you can substitute Splenda if you’re insistent on watching those calories. Cachaça. Yum.

  44. The average Bloody Mary mix is so salty that the veggies and salami do not affect the taste of the drink at all, but the drink lends a nice kick to the veggies; they become more edible!

    Think of kebabs on the skewer…first a cherry tomato, then a chunk of cheese, then an olive, then a slice of salami or pepperoni (I fold mine over like little tacos before I slide them on the skewer) then a chunk of red bell pepper or celery… and so on…. you can load the entire skewer up with yumminess.

    Salt is my own person heroin, so I load up on the garlic stuffed olives and pepperoni, but you can of course use all veggies, and be very healthy.

    Lots of fiber for that diet!!!