I’m Such A Geek

by Venomous Kate

A couple of days ago, a birthday present that De Doc ordered for me through Amazon arrived. My birthday was in June, and his gift was a book that I’d been waiting for the author to complete. Now that Susan Wise Bauer’s History of the Ancient World has arrived, I’ve had little interest in doing anything else but reading.

I confess, I’m turning into a geek when it comes to ancient and medieval history.

This isn’t an entirely new thing. Back in college I’d initially majored in history, with an emphasis on ancient cultures. Then, as is so often the case in the study of history, I had two entire semesters of some of the most dull, uninspired and monotonous professors ever to have darkened this earth. Thus I became an English Literature major, and the rest is… well… history.

Nowadays, with a number of degrees under my belt, I have little interest in returning to college. (Well, that’s not necessarily true: I still dream of pursuing a doctorate in history but very much doubt that I will ever find the time or finances to do it.)

These days, I’m more into self-education which, until lately, had consisted of sitting in my stuffy little basement office pouring over one book after another, my Timetables of History close at hand (and becoming increasingly crowded with my own notes). The back wall of my office, once blank and uncluttered, has slowly morphed into my own world history wall chart made of constantly shuffling Post-Its because I hate the thought of making it a permanent addition to the wall. What if I move?

Lately, though, I’ve been hooked on the History Channel, which I now TiVo to watch when VH is busy with his computer game. But even that might not make me necessarily geeky… until the other evening while watching a show about the Goths when I realized I’d filled the position formerly occupied by Simon Cowell on My List with this man.

I’m such a geek.

3 Comments to “I’m Such A Geek”

  1. Yet another commonality between us. Except my history fascination centers mostly on archeology and the evolution of religions. I spend way too much time listening The Teaching Company’s various history and theology lectures and downloading various documentaries.

  2. Better to be a history geek… too many Murricans of the next generation have no clue even about recent history (say, oh, within 50 years)

  3. I’ve been trying to work my way through the Columbia History of the World.

    The timeline book looks cool. For a couple of years I’ve wanted a history book that’s like those science/anatomy books – where you overlay layers – so I can see who lived where when. (Hope that makes sense.) Even with just American history there are so many “stories” going on at the same time, some get lost.