LOTD: Return of the Meme

by Venomous Kate

After a 2-year hiatus, the Letter of the Day returns! If you haven’t been reading EV that long, or have forgotten how to play, don’t worry. The rules are quite simple: link this entry from your blog today with a post that incorporates the Letter of the Day, and in return you’ll get linked back on the next LOTD. See, I told you it was simple.

As the saying goes, the best place is to start at the beginning. So today’s letter is: A.

A is for album love.

A is for alerting the blogosphere to the latest financial scam.

A is for Arenze the autocrat.

A is for awful atrocities alleviate angst over assault.

A is for altruistic anorexia?

A is for approval ratings that don’t add up.

4 Responses to “LOTD: Return of the Meme”

  1. TO: Kate
    RE: Gagh!

    WAAAAYYYYY more information than I needed this morning.

    The ‘lady’ in item #4 has some serious issues with her ‘sisters’.

    I mean, I’ve seen an amoebic dysentary ward in the midst of the Panamanian jungle. It’s not a pretty sight. You don’t know WHAT you’re shoveling to make another slit-trench latrine for the poor souls who are blowing every ounce of water in their body out of their fourth point of contact…violently.

    But at least THEY had an excuse….


    [All the world is a latrine. — the Bard, according to the Infantry]

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