My Venomous New Year’s Resolutions

by Venomous Kate

This is the first year in memory that I’m making New Year’s Resolutions. But, as I’ve realized recently: we either grow as people, or we just grow to be old people. So here’s my list; ambitious it is not:

1. I will plan to blog more often.
2. I will try to eat more veg and less processed foods
3. I will do my best to “get” Twitter.
4. I will make time to exercise on weekdays.
5. I will drink less.
6. I will work at resisting change less.
7. I will read more stuff that makes me seem smarter.
8. I will think less negatively.
9. I will remind myself that every asshole has a momma who sees something special in him/her.
10. I will try to be nicer to my husband when he’s not pissing me off.

4 Comments to “My Venomous New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. And here I thought it was “Every asshole has two butt cheeks…their main job in life is to provide physical “guidelines”… allowing my foot greater accuracy in hitting the target in the middle”.

    And addressing assholes with “Your Momma” after they start an argument is not really recognizing your #9 resolution.

  2. I look forward to you blogging more often

  3. I agree with looking forward to you blogging more.

  4. Amen to all of the above!