Off We Go!

by Venomous Kate

After an 18-hour marathon organization, packing and re-packing session, we’re primed for an early departure on The Road Trip From Hell. I’m hoping for a bright and early departure, but given how late we’re all up tonight, I doubt if we make it out of here before noon.

Luckily, I’ve already turned over the reins to Boy Toy and De Doc who’ll be keeping things hopping during my 3-week, 3000+ mile camping trip. Please be sure to thank both of them for me — it’s quite a favor they’re doing!

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to pop in a few times during the trip to update you on my travels and, if I’m lucky, to share photos with you, too. We’re going to be passing through some beautiful country during this trip and if I weren’t already so tired from getting ready to leave, well, I’d be eager to go!

For those of you wondering Where’s VK, I’ll be travelling the following route:

  • (Tomorrow): South Dakota’s Big Bend State Recreation Area
  • South Dakota’s West Bend State Recreation Area
  • South Dakota’s Custer Park
  • The Big Horn National Forest
  • Yellowstone
  • Billings, MT (not sure where yet)
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  • North Dakota’s Fort Abraham Lincoln
  • North Dakota’s Fort Ransom
  • Minnesota’s Lake Norway
  • July 7: home at last!

And for the curious: yep, we’re tent-camping throughout all of that until we reach Minnesota. Then, thanks to my in-laws, we’ll finally be sleeping on soft beds again. Given that, I’m sure you understand that I now have an appointment to keep with my pillow.


One Comment to “Off We Go!”

  1. TO: Kate
    RE: Just Remember

    It’s the miserable times that make the good times ‘worthwhile’, or perhaps….better appreciated.

    That’s what I used to tell myself whenever I was cold, wet, hungry, tired and otherwise, for all intents and purposes, miserable.

    I’d tell myself that as well, while out doing my morning constitutionals at o-dark hundred….I got a nice hot shower and my main squeeze waiting for me back home….



    P.S. Be ‘safe’, too.