The Pillow That Stopped My Husband’s Snoring

by Venomous Kate

Anti-snoring or stop snoring pillow

You may have noticed that I haven’t written much about the Venomous Hubby’s snoring of late. There’s a reason for that: I bought him a Sona anti-snoring pillow. Yes, the thing was pricey, but our only other alternative was to sleep in separate bedrooms since he’d sworn he would never, ever sleep with a CPAP mask. Their resemblance to Hannibal Lecter’s restraint mask, I can’t say I blame him. Much.

As I pointed out in my Amazon review, it’s been worth every penny.

11 Comments to “The Pillow That Stopped My Husband’s Snoring”

  1. Is there a pillow to keep them on their side of the bed?

    beth in greensboros last blog post..Re: Observable, Repeatable Experiment in Evolution

  2. …but how did you get him to swallow it?

    rodney dills last blog post..OTB Caption JamTM

  3. Gotta ask, does it work for allergy sufferers? My wife has one set of seasonals and I have another. And of course, our seasons are unsynchronized. I’ve been told that duct tape is not an acceptable solution in our house…

    Jeffs last blog post..Spanning The Globe…

  4. I am definitely going to look into this pillow. My husband needs to go for another sleep study, but since he won’t find the time to schedule it, I’m the one who’s suffering. Glad it’s working for him (and you!)

    Christines last blog post..Have I mentioned that I love Mac?

  5. I could use a pillow to keep my honey on his side of the bed. He tends to talk in his sleep and therefore moves as he is doing that and I end up getting kicked or pushed. I would almost prefer snoring over that!

    Chelles last blog post..Explainations

  6. The way I managed to get VH to stay on his side of the bed was by putting one of those body pillows for about a year. (Obviously, I’d move it aside on special occasions. LOL.)

    After going that long being forced to his side, he kind of “relearned” how to sleep.

  7. Well, it wasn’t easy but it’s amazing what a little Tabasco can make palatable.

  8. Honestly, I don’t know. It works by forcing the sleeper’s head to a position where their tongue hangs forward in their mouth instead of rattling on the soft tissues in the back. Allergy sufferers often have a different kind of snore — the sinus rumble thing.

  9. I love this thing! The one thing to keep in mind is that it really DOES have a “learning curve” associated with it. It took him a while to realize he was never, ever, EVER going to be able to sleep on his back again. (With this pillow, you’ll wake up with excruciating neck pain if you do sleep on your back, so that helps speed up the learning part.)

  10. Might be worth a try anyway. Peace at night… interesting concept!

    Jeffs last blog post..Giving Up Capitalism

  11. mmm … I didn’t know that kind of strange shape pillow could help 😀

    acakaduts last blog post..Summer Vacation & Education