You Say ‘Profane,’ I Say ‘Whatever’

by Venomous Kate

A Christian homeschooling parent sent me an email after finding my blog through this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling. It went something like this (edited to remove long, rambling passages of Biblical misquotes and proseltyzing):


I am a Born Again Christian and a homeschooling parent. I read the Carnival to find appropriate, edifying writing from a perspective similar to my own. I was offended by your entry in the Carnival due to your reference to the “s-word” (Not socialization but that other one). If you choose to continue blogging about your experience as a homeschooling parent, you should put a disclaimer warning people of your tendency to be profane and sometimes downright vulgar. Your blog is not suitable reading for those of us pursuing Godly thoughts.

Gee. What can I say to that? I thought the Venom part of the blog title was pretty much all the disclaimer I needed.

And, just in case you are continuing to read the blog (which I assume you are since your IP address keeps showing up in my referrer stats), I believe you owe me a big ol’ “Thank You” for not publishing your name and email address. M’kay?

10 Responses to “You Say ‘Profane,’ I Say ‘Whatever’”

  1. It’s a marvel to me how far out of their way some people will go to be offended.

    I came to this site expecting nothing but @#$%^.

  2. Don’t you just hate that shit? I know I do.

  3. I know. My Dad was a homeschooler. Actually, he was a no schooler. It was “worldly”, you know?

    Lucky I even got an education.

    Now, I can’t stop saying “shit” all the time.

  4. Why not swear like crazy and get rid of the rest of the nutjobs?

  5. I remember the part of the Bible that says you aren’t supposed to take God’s name in vain, but can’t find the part that says there’s anything wrong with taking the name of shit in vain. The stuff is pretty damned profane to begin with.

    As to born-again Xians, I was recently amused by a bumper sticker assuring the reader that the driver was born all right the first time.

  6. Oddly, the part that pissed me off the most was the assumption that I’m not a Christian. Perhaps I ought to have it tatooed on my forehead. Oh, wait…

  7. It is better to be who you really are than to pretend to be something that you are not. God knows what is real. By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog. It makes me laugh 🙂 For the record, I am a Christian (rather conservative at that). Keep posting. I have a feeling that you are reaching more people than you know.

  8. Gee, as another Born Again Christian, I have bigger things to worry about than what someone puts in a blog post or Carnival. Pursuing Godly thoughts also includes humility and removing the assumption that other people exist to accomodate you.

  9. It’s stunning to me how self-absorbed and clueless some people are. And because they’re Born Again, they don’t have to feel bad about being so self-absorbed and clueless, right? Right?

  10. I’m sorry someone felt the need to email you a short list of their own rules rather than just click the little red X at the top of the page.

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