This Woman Makes Me Puke

by Venomous Kate

Some days I think I should just completely stop listening to the news. Some days, like today, it’s just too hard to breathe after hearing certain news stories, too hard to live with the burden of knowing about tragedies it would have been so easy to go without ever knowing about.

Tragedies like this story about a 6-year-old Down’s Syndrome boy found living in the attic of his home where his mother apparently dumped him and did her best to forget he was there.

Deputies said they were called to the 8200 block of Center Drive around 5 p.m. Wednesday by a relative to conduct a welfare check on the 6-year-old. Deputies said they checked the home and talked to the mother, Rachel L. Perez, who claimed the boy was not at home. After running her name through their database, deputies arrested Perez.

At 11 p.m. Wednesday, deputies went back to the home at the request of a relative and found the boy in the attic of the home. Deputies described the boy as very fragile and malnourished and said the boy was extremely thin. The boy’s skeletal structure could easily be seen due to his level of malnourishment.

The mother, of course, has been arrested. She’s going to be arraigned this afternoon. The little boy is at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. There’s no word, at this point, about whether he’ll be placed with relatives or will begin what’s certain to be a scary and sad journey through the foster care system. Did I mention the woman has two little girls and is currently pregnant with another? Those kids are victims now, too.

This story so upset me that I’ve been throwing up all morning.

There was a time when The Big-Eyed Boy was little and I would’ve given anything to give him a little brother, when the thought of twice as much noise, twice as much mess, twice as many hugs to enjoy was everything I wanted. It wasn’t in the cards for us, though, and I guess things turned out exactly as they should be.

But I sure hope there’s a woman with a big heart and a happy, bright, wide-open home waiting to love this little boy who’s been caged in an attic, who has only known “home” as a place of terror and fear. I hope they find each other, and that she gives him every hug he should’ve been receiving all these years… and then some.

And I hope his biological mother finds herself someday soon in a small, dark, miserably hot place where no one listens to her screams, just like she must’ve ignored her son’s. A prison cell. Hell. I don’t care. I just hope she suffers for a very, VERY long time.

10 Comments to “This Woman Makes Me Puke”

  1. Things like this defy comprehension – likewise, the woman in South Carolina who killed her kids, locked them in a car, and rolled them in the lake. No, not the Susan Smith thing, it happened AGAIN this week.

    What the hell is wrong with these people. How can people be just this plain STUPID? To the point of being EVIL? Against their own flesh and blood?

    I cannot recognize them as human!

  2. There’s a very special level of hell created just for people like her.

  3. Oh man. I’d been ignoring the news for several days — only tuned in this afternoon to check the weather and heard the story about the woman here. I hadn’t heard about the woman in South Carolina until your comment. Now I wish I hadn’t looked it up online.

    End times, people. End times.

  4. Please can we let the prisoner population have a go at her first. You know, just in case Satan’s not thorough enough once she gets there.

  5. A few weeks ago, a woman from Texas murdered her 2 Autistic children – after a couple failures she finally got it right by strangulation. It was on CNN. She was ranting on and on about wanting “normal” children. Naturally, they put on an “expert” to tell us all how hard it is to raise “special” children. All I kept thinking is that raising children is hard no matter what and I don’t care what excuse you come up with that bitch deserved a needle in the arm … not my sympathy. I cried all day for those 2 children that I didn’t know and I’m crying now for this child I don’t know

    I have 3 sons, 13, 5 &1/2 and 17 months. My middle son, Drake, has Autism. My boys are the light of my life and I wouldn’t change a single one of them – they are all perfect in their own way.

    I don’t care what excuse anyone comes up with…a parent who kills their own child deserves to die and go straight to Hell.

  6. Evil DOES exist in this world!

  7. On a positive note: the little boy, Gabriel, is out of the hospital and with his grandparents. They’re the ones who called Social Services about him. Repeatedly. Over several months. 

  8. I tried to wait 24 hrs. before commenting after reading due to just how angry it made me. I still can’t d it without crying just even in relief for the poor child. Like Rosemary, I care for a child that is mentally handicapped in a manner of speaking. Every one in our family knows exactly what lengths I will go to in order to protecting him. His brothers used to enjoy provoking his schizophrenia. Until one weekend I packed bags for him & myself and told my 17 yr. old that he’s old enough to self emancipate in GA and my husband & step-son aren’t my legal responsibility, the crap stopped then or I was dialing a cab instantly. It stopped. And didn’t return. Why on Earth would anyone be so bereft of innate parental instincts to protect their child & instead do the opposite? I hope there is a hell and that they have a special section reserved for these worthless wastes of life.

  9. Martinis and motherhood just doesn’t fit in the same sentence. After dealing for years with Fetal alcohol syndrome victims I’ve come to the conclusion that mothers who drink should seriously think about aborting their unborn – for society’s sake. FAS victims are only capable of creating problems in society — they have low self-esteem, anger-control issues, abuse, attachment disorders, personality disorders of all types — maybe much like this woman who locked her kid in the attic.
    Of course we might lose a lot of contributors to pornography but I don’t think anyone would really mind.
    Anyway… just a thought. Keep the abortion option open if you’re going to drink as a mother. You’ll be doing society a big favor, trust me.

  10. Who said anything about drinking while pregnant, Chris? And, seriously, what is your motive in distracting the conversation from focusing on the woman in this news story?