Nine Nibbles

by Venomous Kate

1. Key Monroe perfectly summarizes the last fifteen years in three paragraphs.

2. Lolcat is a verb?

3. Do you suffer from cinema-celibacy?

4. More thoughts on Hillary’s cleavage.

5. Stop and give her 10.

6. Anyone care to translate this city ordinance?

7. Interesting: the all-liberal cruise to Alaska is priced over twice as high as the all-Conservative version.

8. Abstinence equals abuse?

9. Heh.

7 Responses to “Nine Nibbles”

  1. I learned about #2 during Blogathon. I never knew anything about Lolcat before Saturday. Craziness.

  2. Sorry, but the way I read it is that a ban against hip hop and rap, coupled with a certain dress code and an early closing translates into unwritten racial discrimination.

  3. Oh,a nd the translation: “ABC” is Alcoholic Beverage Control. From reading this, it looks like they approved a liquor license for a club under some restrictions that other clubs don’t have.

    The liquor stores are called ABC stores, too. And the groceries that sell alcoholic beverages — all larger chains — have a mini-ABC set up to do so. The minitary bases have no such restriction, thankfully.

    –Ben, former Va beach resident.

  4. Oh, indeed it is, and I recognized that. I took you literally with your request to translate, sorry. 🙂

  5. HARBL!

    #6: I am a total grammar snob, I know it… when I read text written by someone who can’t differentiate it’s from its, my eyes glaze over. So, while I meant to read about that city ordinance, I didn’t get beyond the first sentence.

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