Nine Nibbles

by Venomous Kate

1. This may make me the last person in the blogosphere to not have seen Order of the Phoenix.

2. Glenn ponders the important stuff… like anal bleaching.

3. A cab driver dropped She Who Will Be Obeyed off at an anti-military rally, instead of the pro-military rally she’d been planning to attend, and yet nobody died.

4. The only answer callers like this get at my house is: “Why, I’m the woman your mother warned you about. Now go away.” (Click))

5. You know, I’m kind of glad Timmer isn’t my neighbor.

6. As a mother, let me just say now that I am far too busy to find time to rule the world.

7. You say “conspicuous consumer consumption” like it’s a bad thing. Oh, wait….

8. One reason why men aren’t always gentlemen anymore.

9. This is the stuff of my nightmares.

One Comment to “Nine Nibbles”

  1. I haven’t seen Order of the Phoenix yet, but I’m enough of a Harry Potter geek that I will eventually. The kids have seen it, though, and that’s most important.