Nine Nibbles

by Venomous Kate

I’ve been very naughty about reading blogs lately, but I intend to get back into the habit of cruising my blogroll daily so I can stay on top of what’s happening in my favorite folks’ lives. (Sleep? Who needs sleep?) So, here’s what nine of you have been up to lately:

1. Michele wants you to give her the bird… recipes, that is.

2. After spending the evening drowning in a sea of estrogen, WG endured hours of female fart jokes. But did he share one? No, no he did not. Good man.

3. Compared to her parents, 30-year-old Karol is an old fart.

4. Anwyn dreams about me… but called it a nightmare. A nightmare? What, was I naked? [Note from Anwyn: Linked post edited to make it clearer that the nightmare part was Sylar from Heroes and not VK, in the buff or otherwise.]

5. David wants to know if you’d vote for a Vampire for President. Frankly, I figure they’re going to bleed us dry regardless, so it might be nice to know what I’m getting up front for a change.

6. Chaz has come over to the dark side: those of us who turned the heat on before November. (Pity the child who “Trick or Treats” as Al Gore on my doorstep this Halloween.)

7. Flap is still just cutting and pasting news stories that you can read elsewhere. (Why, yes, Flap, that was a public spanking.)

8. Jae is not running away from home. But if she does, I have dibs on her!

9. Mmmmm…. free meat-like tacos!

4 Comments to “Nine Nibbles”

  1. Maybe I need to rephrase–Sylar was coming after both of us, not you and Sylar coming after me. It was scary. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Heroes, but that guy is one creepy little motherkiller.

  2. And, why not post the first national poll after the GOP debate?

  3. Anwyn, that makes so much more sense. I haven’t seen the show, but I’m relieved to know that I’m not giving you nightmares… naked or not.

    Flap, um, ok.

  4. I’ve had the heat on here for about 30 days in the last 3 years… Jan/Feb of this year. It simply doesn’t get too cold here.

    Right now it’s much hotter, though. 🙁