Nine Nibbles

by Venomous Kate

1. As a certified ‘foodie’, I’ve eaten some pretty strange stuff in my life. This stuff is even more strange… and makes me a bit queasy.

2. Personally, I could not possibly care less about political endorsements, whether they’re from politicians, a newspaper, or Jesus Christ himself. How about you? Take the poll.

3. I sense a rush of business for tropical fish stores in Liverpool if this is their dress code.

4. Harry Reid has finally found something he’s good at.

5. Shelli ponders a list brief list of things women do to be attractive. I hate to break it to her, but the list is far, far longer than that.

6. Happy Belated Birthday!

7. John Kerry has finally finished planning his response to those who criticized his war record during the 2004 Presidential election.

8. Can you imagine the work this girl could’ve done in an 8-hour day if all those things worked?

9. Why my son — despite his vocal outrage — will NOT be watching Nickelodeon or playing with Hasbro toys until an appropriate apology and correction is issued.

5 Responses to “Nine Nibbles”

  1. I watched the whole Nickelodeon clip, and I can’t say I want to protest. Do we want these children to stop speaking up about something they feel strongly about? Do we want to shut people up who disagree with us?

    We are founded on people having the right to speak their minds. I never want to make people shut up, even if I don’t agree with them. Some day, they may want to make me shut up.

    I’d much rather have a zealot teen than one who sits on their butt all day playing video games.

  2. I’m against showing children pictures of dead children ANY day ANY time. I’m also against telling children that soldiers doing their job are “murderers”.

    In order to protest wisely, children (and adults) must first begin with an ounce of common sense.

  3. Well, there you go again, Ms Kate – presuming that people are endowed with common sense.

    Which brings up a question – being so uncommon, why do we still call it “common” sense?

    The few times I see Nickelodeon (at a Swedish-themed department store restaurant), it really seems like the Nick is a medium designed to keep kids from 1 to 13 or so sufficiently distracted so they won’t tear the store apart.

    Maybe Nick will start teaching pre-teens about what the Japanese did at Nanking. Would anybody complain about that?

    More than that, where do 12- and 13-year-olds find things to feel strongly about – at least, things not having to do with cell phones, video games, the latest fad in jeans, or the latest cover photos on TeenyBopper magazines? Unless, of course, people like Nick programmers and Daily Kos commentators tell them what to think.

    (I’m not categorizing all teenagers in that class. But there are more than enough to make a case. Add to those the baggy-pants crowd and their ilk, and I begin to worry.)

  4. Thanks for mentioning the Nick piece again. I think a lot of people dropped the ball on this.

    If anyone bothers to actually watch the piece (which most people on the left have not, but continue to send me nasty notes, and hate mail)

    they will see that mentioned on the Linda Ellerbees piece was basically an endorsement for an organization called WCW World Can’t Wait, whose ideology is based on communism.

    I would encourage people to look at the board of advisors at the WCW, do research and see what you think….

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