Nine Nibbles Somewhat Near Noon

by Venomous Kate

I’m running short on time this morning. (Which is one of the reasons why I love how easily WordPress handles future posts!) So, rather than spend an hour thinking up witty comments, I’ll just do a down-and-dirty Nine Nibbles today and leave it to you to click the links.

1. What he said.

2. Insert rim shot here.

3. Is Sharon Osborne the new Yoko Ono?

4. He’ll always be a lard ass in my book.

5. Excellent idea, but my husband wouldn’t be caught dead using one.

6. Hey, I still have my Brownie uniform.

7. My vote goes to Should I Stay or Should I Go? by The Clash. Or maybe Whip It! by Devo.

8. “That’s not White Trash! That’s Miss America!

9. Who wouldn’t do the exact same thing with a spider on their face?

3 Responses to “Nine Nibbles Somewhat Near Noon”

  1. I’d freak out with a spider crawling on my face, but I also don’t think I’d go off the road and crash. What I’d probably do is slam on my brakes out of reflex, causing a massive pileup behind me.

  2. “I cut holes out of trash bags and wore them while I ran,” says Miss Nevada 2004, Elizabeth Muto. “It really detoxified my body and, to this day, I continue to see results.”

    Now I have to wonder just where she wore the holes………..Hmmmmm perhaps her head?

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