Kids These Days

by Venomous Kate

Like everyone else in the country, we’ve been watching our pennies a lot more closely than ever before. And, like children everywhere, the Big-Eyed Boy just does not understand that nothing in this world is truly free — not food, running water, or electricity.

Here we are, only two weeks into summer vacation, and I swear I’ve spent most of my days going around the house turning off lights in rooms that he hasn’t been in for hours, telling him that he does NOT need the TV going in the background if he’s busy playing Quake on the computer, and shutting off water faucets left running because he forgot he’d turned them on to wash his hands.

So today when I found him sitting on the deck with the door to the kitchen wide open, I just about lost it.

Me: “We can’t afford to air condition the whole outdoors. Who do you think Dad is, Nelson Rockefeller?”

Big-Eyed Boy: “Who?”

Me: “Warren Buffet?”

BEB: “Who???”

Me: “Bill Gates?”

BEB: “WHO????”

Me (sighing): “Mark Zuckerberg?”

BEB: “Of course you’re not him. He’s old but not your old kinda OLD.”

Somehow, I managed to resist the urge to lock that child out of my house.

4 Comments to “Kids These Days”

  1. I have a lot of oak trees around so I dont have to run the ac much,I do the same thing with the lights in the house

  2. I’d have locked his ass outside and if he got thirsty I’d have told him to drink from the hose and make sure he turned it off or that would be taken away, too. At least for an hour…

  3. Nice. Does he hold the fridge door open several times a day looking for something to eat as if something magically appears every hour or so? That may just be mine… :)

  4. Infidel, I wish we could do that. We have lots of trees, but lots of windows… on the east and west sides. So we get hot sun beating on the house all day long, which is why I keep the curtains closed. And why he turns on so many lights. *sigh*

    Chelle It was 95 and very humid yesterday, or I’d have done just that.

    DragonLady You’ve met my kid! He does JUST that with both the fridge and freezer. And I don’t think he’s ever closed a kitchen cupboard in his life!