So Long, Summer!

by Venomous Kate

So Long, Summer I know summer isn’t officially over for another month, but with my son back in school, I feel like it is. This has been the longest, cruelest summer I can remember, thanks to that horrible heatwave we had. Being cooped up indoors with a cranky pre-pubescent because it’s just too hot, and the air quality is too bad, to go outside? Man, that’s not my idea of a vacation. So, having just dropped the Big-Eyed Boy off for his first day of junior high (!), that “vacation” is officially over.

All around me, there are signs that I’m not the only one who views the first day of school as the true end of summer, despite those who claim that Labor Day really is. All of the mommies were grinning ear-to-ear as we took turns pulling up at the school doors so our kids could hurriedly get out before we peeled away (well, as fast as one can “peel” at 5 mph.) Throughout my neighborhood, homeowners have put their pool covers on, and the Stepford Wife-types have switched their front door wreaths from bright-colored florals to rings of plastic autumn leaves. I even saw one of the early morning joggers wearing a hoodie today, something that was unthinkable a few days ago.

But here’s the thing about motherhood: I’ve spent the majority of the past three months counting the days until today, mentally planning all of the projects I’d finally have time for once school started again, and reminding myself that, come August 17, I’d have time for things like long showers, nail and doctor appointments, and a chance drink my coffee before it got cold.

So what’s happened? After the school run, I pulled into the garage and came into a house that seemed somehow too quiet. That list of things I wanted to do has totally fled my head, and I forgot about my cup of coffee until it was cold, anyway. Instead, I’ve puttered around, putting things away and half-listening for my son’s steps thundering on the stairs, for his voice calling out to ask me what’s for breakfast. Here’s this day I’ve so looked forward to throughout this horrible summer. Now that it’s here, I miss the little guy poignantly. But that’s okay, there are only 122 days until Christmas Break when, no doubt, I’ll counting down days until school starts again.

5 Comments to “So Long, Summer!”

  1. Stepford wives. I haven’t seen many of the wreaths you speak of, but I know about the seasonal “flags” over the garage. This continues to baffle me. I suppose if I lived in some small burbish community I’d go along with it. I did buy a gorgeous autumn wreath once, when I lived in the deep countryside, because it seemed so appropriate; (it was made entirely of dried berries and was truly beautiful. I still have it because it was so expensive, but haven’t ever hung it anywhere since.

    Unlike the flags and wreaths, one tradition I can count on is Venomous Kate counting down the days to various milestones (school’s in, school’s out, Christmas, her birthday, etc.). I’m sure you’ll get back into the swing of BEB not being home very, very quickly.

  2. Yes, the wreaths baffle me, too. Some of the Stepford’s do both the wreath and the seasonal flag, as if we all need to be reminded what season it is. Or maybe it’s their public announcement that they’ve changed the decor inside their home to match the season? I’m never sure.

    And, you’re absolutely right, I do count down days a lot, don’t I? Not sure why, except that it helps me to keep my temper throughout the summer by mentally chanting “Only X days left until you have time to yourself. Only X days left…”.

  3. I know a lot of moms are happy to return to peace and quiet during the day but I personally think it’s wrong to start school in the middle of August. Back in the dark ages when I was a young Mississippian the day after Labor Day was always the first day of school.Although early September isn’t technically autumn either, August is definitely still a summer month the last I checked. Long live Summer! lol

  4. We have to start early because they’re likely to miss at least a week due to snow or dangerous wind chill.

  5. School started here Monday even though they added an extra week to the school year because some genius decided to eliminate most of the snow days..We didn’t have a major snow event for several years but last winter we had several. On the other hand several Alabama counties did not have classes after April 27 because all their schools were destroyed by the tornado. I wouldn’t be surprised to see news stories about women dancing in the streets in those areas.