Former RNC Chairman Helping Companies Go Green

by Venomous Kate

It’s not often we get to read about Republicans doing great things to help the environment, so it’s heartening to learn that Ken Mehlman is overseeing the global external affairs at Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts, Co. (KKR).

You may remember Ken Mehlman for his stint as the 62nd chairman of the Republican National Committee, or his 2001-2003 tour as the White House Director of Political Affairs under George W. Bush. So, what’s a former RNC chairman doing with KKR, and how is it helping the environment?

KKR, a global equity firm, has sunk 20% of its portfolio into a program that saves both money and the environment. The :Green Portfolio Program” was initially created in 2008 in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund.

The portfolio highlights corporations that are improving their bottom lines “greenly” — by reducing their carbon footprints in the areas of paper waste, chemical use and consumption of both energy and water. The initial three companies which participated in the program, Primedia, Sealy and U.S. Foodservice, discovered ways to reduce their impact — while also improving profits — to the tune of $16.4 million. Not surprisingly, other companies paid attention. KKR now has a dozen companies participating in the portfolio program, and no doubt more will soon follow. After all, what’s not to like about saving green and going green?

Kudos to Republicans like Ken Mehlman and firms like KKR for leading the way to a new best practices.

4 Comments to “Former RNC Chairman Helping Companies Go Green”

  1. Seems to me that apart from this bit, the ‘green’ movement is now, more than ever, targeting the students and young workers with such gratuities as loans and grants, but don’t take it from me. I’ll let this post do the talking now:

    Hope this helped a bit, and once again, thank you for your informative posts.

  2. For the green movement to succeed, they will have to develop an approach that is at least cost neutral. Many people are just waiting for real-world programs and solutions that aren’t just ‘feel good’ ideas, but are environmentally sound without negatively impacting profitability.

  3. Until the stain that Nixon left on the party, Conservatives where the forefathers of conservation in our nation. In fact he was the last president to make great strides towards protecting our environment and that was almost over 3 decades ago. Why the RNC dropped its stance of environmental concern is beyond me, but it is good to see them returning to the foundation of their principals.

  4. I agree. I get so tired of my Dem friends expressing shock when they learn that our family recycles, or that I — gasp! — actually subscribe to Mother Earth News AND Sierra.