Halfway Through 100 Days And We’ve Got Diddly Squat

by Venomous Kate

As some of you may recall, I spent the day after the presidential election listening to Peggy Lee and wondering “is that all there is?” As I said at the time:

“I truly do feel like I just don’t care all that much. We get what we ask for, and apparently the majority of the country asked for a change that had never been clearly defined.

That’s fine. I’ll go along for the ride. I am, if nothing else, good at seeing the forest (while occasionally slamming into the trees), and love nothing more than to see people get EXACTLY what they asked for.”

In response, long-time Venomite Will Wallace made a prediction that halfway through Obama’s first 100 days his supporters would emit a collective gasp as they realized their Wunderkid was, indeed, just another politician full of hot air. But let’s hear it from Will in his own words:

I’m predicting that if you step outside about 10:16 am Eastern Time on March 18, 2009 and listen very closely you’ll be able to hear a multitude of Obama voters saying, in unison, “What the F***!?!?”

This election reminds me of the ‘none of the above’ polls that are so common early in primary races.

Candidate 1 gets 27% of the vote
Candidate 2 gets 19% of the vote
and “None of the Above” gets 54% of the vote

And while it appears on the surface to be a rejection of both candidates- if you forced the 54% to identify who they would vote for- it’s probably a mix of 70-100 people none of which would garner more than 8-10% support.

Obama- with the help of a criminally negligent press- was able to run as ‘none of the above’; or more accurately he was able to run as all things to all people.

And so while he won the election- whatever policies he enacts are sure to offend a portion of the people who supported him. By the time March rolls around and his supporters realize that:

  • the fairness doctrine is much more likely to silence left wing radio than right wing radio (right wing is financially viable enough to go satellite or even off-shore while left wing struggles in most markets)
  • that tax cut they’re hoping to see will disappear faster than a 747 on a David Copperfield special
  • national security will be tested until we respond- and if there are three words that go together to form a triangle of inadequacy they are: liberal- military- quagmire
  • being black is no more a qualification than it is a disqualification.
  • the reason congress’ approval ratings are so low is because they’ve been trying to do many of the things that Obama champions.

Remember March 19- 10:16 am- take a moment- walk outside and listen as an entire block of young idealistic voters gets their grades back from their first political pop-quiz.

It’s a relatively soft lesson- traditionally zealots are the first to be lined up against a wall and shot- they’re just too hard to keep in line.

So, how’d Will do?

7 Comments to “Halfway Through 100 Days And We’ve Got Diddly Squat”

  1. In my book, he’s battin’ a thousand. (Will. Not Obama.)

  2. I’m with you, Kate, we’ve got diddly squat!! I don’t find the American economic situation quite as amusing as Obama did on ’60 Minutes’! Gallows humor my @ss!!

  3. I’m still trying to figure out how, in the name of all that’s sane, a Chicago Democrat got enough votes to be elected into this Nation’s highest office. And AFTER Blogojevich!

    I had very low expectations to begin with so…Will seems to be and optimist in my book.

  4. I gave his supporters too much credit- in that I assumed they would have an attention span that would last longer than the after taste from a Red Bull.

    BTW- do you realize how freakin’ frightening it is to be confronted with your own predictions long after you’ve forgotten what you wrote?

  5. It does get freaky, doesn’t it? Meant to get that posted on March 19, but it’s not like the 4 days’ delay made a difference.

  6. When Obama visited Canada, there was a poll that asked “Who was the best leader?”. A majority of Canadians (something like 54%) picked Obama over Prime Minister Harper. Even though Obama, to that point, had done NOTHING. Not a thing. He had been President for only 22 days at that point, so what COULD he have done.

    Proof that stupidity knows no borders.

  7. I work in an environment that’s primarily very, very liberal. One of my desk supporters is a die-hard liberal and a staunch Obama supporter…and I think he’s slowly coming to the point of sticker shock. He’s been very proud of his candidate and all of the wondrous things that have come to pass…or at least he was.

    I started pointing out things…one gaffe after another…Cabinet candidates unable to pass confirmation, reneging on many, many campaign promises, and the one that did it was when I commented on the stimulus bill. He got really angry with me and told me that he’d put up with the last eight years of “the worst presidency ever,” as he put it, and that my dragging his candidate down was something he didn’t want to listen to.

    Sadly, I can see the light of the Lightworker slowly fading from him, as it sinks in exactly how bad things are likely to get. Liberals’ disillusionment is never a pretty thing to watch.