Is This What Obama Does On Vacation?

by Venomous Kate

Who Wrote O: The Presidential Novel?As with it’s similarly-titled predecessor Story of O (which I know some of you naughty folks read at some point, while the rest of you probably have a dog-eared copy in your nightstand), this week’s release O: A Presidential Novel has tongues wagging.

Who wrote it?

Naturally, pre-publication suspicions focused on Joe Klein, who penned Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics, the book that tipped America off to Bill Clinton’s true personality long before Bill Clinton’s own actions clued us in.

But Klein swears he’s not to blame for this tome, which is largely partisan and annoyingly sympathetic to the current administration.

Just how sympathetic?

According to Ron Charles, the book largely assumes Obama running as the uncontested Democrat nominee in the next election. If you listen/read the Dem press at all, you’ll know that’s not necessarily a foregone conclusion.

Then there’s this:

In fact, it suffers a bit in that the fictionalized Obama and his GOP opponent—a flattering blend of John McCain and Mitt Romney, devoid of demagoguery—are relatively respectful of each other. In a way, the book is “an uncanny response to this month’s call for a more civil political discourse.” (Newser)

Personally, I’m a fan of the Occam’s Razor approach. As in, now we know what Obama’s been doing on all of those taxpayer-funded vacations (including Obama’s multimillion-dollar vacation in his old Hawaiian stomping grounds). That “little break” he needed? Maybe it was because he was too busy in November to join NaNoWriMo.

6 Comments to “Is This What Obama Does On Vacation?”

  1. For the record, I never read The Story of O.

    I did, though, see the movie. Ahem.

  2. There was a movie? Man, I can’t read. Maybe I would know what…………..

  3. I didn’t know there was a movie, either!

  4. Considering it was released in 1975, it puts current movie fare to shame in terms of erotica.

  5. No doubt Hollywood will now read your comment, Boyd, and feel the need to remake (and ruin) that movie, too. Thanks.

  6. It’s just my calling in life, Kate. No thanks are necessary.