Obama And The Issue Of Race

by Venomous Kate

My latest column, Maybe Some Of It Is About Race, After All is up at Pajamas Media.

4 Comments to “Obama And The Issue Of Race”

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s handy for Obama if it’s about race. It overshadows the meat, or lack thereof, of his policies.

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  2. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the only time the race issue raises itself is when it IS convenient to Obama. The rest of us don’t care about that — hey, who knew the term “post-racial” until his candidacy?

    Nice being able to raise the Race Card if it’ll distract guilt-inclined whites (among whom I’m not since I don’t DO guildt) and pop-train liberals who jump on any fashionable-looking car just so they don’t look like they got left behind.

    The guy is soulless. Policy-less, too, but what scares me most is his history of being curried and believing the curriers.

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  3. Kate since I am looking from the outside and far away so maybe I can be a bit objective here. I have no vote.

    I don’t agree with your conclusion about the only time the race issue rears its head. Yes it is used by Obama and there is precious little McCain can do about that. Hillary Clinton faced that factor too when suddenly she and Bill Clinton were deemed racists. It is sadly used by some Repubicans too and with the media right there to pounce on that guy who says he can’t vote for a coloured person to broadcast it worldwide and help to lend support to a view that Republicans (nevermind that it is the view of a few) are racists.

    If as you say Obama has no policies then Republicans have to focus on that and pound home policies and specific plans that can counter Obama’s. Criticising his blackness or lack thereof, his upbringing, even his lack of academic credentials are not working, they seem to have a backfire effect. Sure the people know McCain but Obama comes across as sophisticated and smart even if the claims that he is superficial are true. And no matter what is said, a Repbulican President has been in power for the last 2 terms and your economy is in shambles. The people blame the GOP and McCain needs to overcome that.

    The campaign does not seem to have been run well and McCain has to take responsibility for that. The next 3 weeks will be interesting. I have seen signs of change in McCain’s approach. Maybe he also needs to take a look as his advisors and set a clear path on how to get the US economy back on track and send the message home hard. It is the independents they need to focus on and appeal to reason more than emotion.

    Just my two cents.

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  4. Yes, a Republican’s been in office for two terms. Yes, the economy currently sucks. Most people don’t seem to realize the causes of that can be traced back to Clinton’s administration when Fannie Mae eased credit requirements.