Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate

by Venomous Kate

The White House has released a copy of the long form of Obama’s birth certificate. Can we all shut up about this now and get to fixing the rest of the crap going wrong with this country?

10 Comments to “Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate”

  1. I never understood the infatuation with people having to see his birth certificate. Sorry folks, but, do you sincerely think that Mr. Obama could submit his registration papers with the election commission and NOT include that important document? Hell, I can’t even get a passport without it.

    Obama may be a knucklehead, but he’s an American knucklehead…

  2. Clearly, it was wishful thinking.

  3. At last! The distraction is not and niether is thel Donald going to be the presidential do. Lets vet our choices throughly and get a candidate that can lead us into a future without ruin and embarassment.

  4. The last thing I want to see is The Donald getting the GOP nod. Bad enough there aren’t any clearly strong contenders (I’m a bit peeved Barbour dropped out), but if we get saddled with a comb-overed, spray-tanned Ooompa Loompa I’m switching to the Left.

  5. WAIT wait wait… there’s something wrong with this country and the government? -blinkblink- I hadn’t noticed. /sarcasm

  6. But if you download the pdf of the birth certificate posted on the White House web site and open it in Adobe Illustrator, you can find evidence of nine alterations. I’m not making this up. See for yourself: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf
    Open with Illustrator, then click Window>Actions>Links and examine the layers of changes.

  7. My head just exploded.

  8. “…if we get saddled with a comb-overed, spray-tanned Ooompa Loompa I’m switching to the Left.”

    I said something similar about Gingrich – who scares/infuriates me more than the Donald. Let’s face it, Trump will not be the candidate. Right? Right? *starts to get really, really scared*

    I’m kinda interested as to why Obama released it now, rather than in the middle of the GOP primaries. Not interested enough to *check*, mind you, but a moderate amount of interest.

  9. It is a good thing that the issue surrounding his birth certificate has already resolved. I wonder why do people focused too much on Obama certificate and not bringing up McCain’s birth certificate. I like the idea of fixing the crap, which is going with the country.