Sarah Palin Wowed My World

by Venomous Kate

What a remarkable evening. What a remarkable woman! Before Sarah Palin ever took the stage I’d told VH how Palin’s nomination as VP reinvigorated my interest in the election. As Jae so aptly put it:

I am not supporting the ticket because she is a woman, but because SOMEONE in this election finally represents ME.

American. Mother. Wife. Small-town resident. Gun owner. Military supporter. Intelligent, yes, and still feminine, too. Also with a definite snarky streak. That’s Jae. That’s Kim. That’s Beth and me and just about every female I call my friend. And that’s Sarah Palin, too.

Finally, a candidate who gets what my life’s about.

UPDATE: Timmer at the Daily Brief has a nice roundup of reactions to Palin from “Smart, funny, successful in what they’ve chosen to do, women” (including me!): “In almost every case, there’s some mention about how they were bored with the election already and how they’re now excited, pissed off, energized… add whatever adjective you’d like…except bored.”

I love Sisu‘s take on it: “If McCain can get the votes of all the women who were pregnant at their weddings, it’ll be a landslide!”

29 Responses to “Sarah Palin Wowed My World”

  1. Palin/Venomous Kate 2012!!!

  2. Linc, I think you just made me pee a little.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..Sarah Palin Wowed My World

  3. AMEN!
    I am FINALLY excited about this election.
    I’ve always said the GOP is sexy.

    FlyRices last blog post..Always Move Fast

  4. Palin did fantastic. Giuliani also deserves a little bit of attention. They both really really laid into Obama.

    Randys last blog post..Running With The Big Dogs At The Gym

  5. it’s you, too, girl.

    Taris last blog post..Color Me Not Surprised

  6. They really did a great job of orchestrating the speakers this evening, building up from the lackluster (Meg Whitman) to the heavy-hitters like Guiliani.

    Palin was the jewel in the crown.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..Sarah Palin Wowed My World

  7. A-FREAKIN’-men.

    Girl got growl.

    Margis last blog post..Another sad passing

  8. Its always nice to have a super hot VP too

  9. And I thought Whitman was better than Fiorini… BUT, they definitely released the lipsticked pitbulls last night. Man I wish I still had time to make graphics…

    They are running scared. And they should be.

    BTW, how much did a girl like me LOVE the remark about her family wishing she’d have kept the governor’s personal chef? I have a serious girl crush.

    Jaes last blog post..The One Where She Asks For Help

  10. Right on, VK! Palin has re-invigorated my interest in Campaign 2008, too. I was lackluster in my support of McCain — until he had the vision to choose Palin as his VP. Now I’m in the McCain/Palin tank, big-time.

  11. There’s a lot about Palin that I don’t like, but there’s a lot more that I do like. Her speech was exciting, witty, and snarky and while I wouldn’t touch a gun with a 10 foot pole and I’d like to keep my right to choose, I trust her and I believe her.

    corrins last blog post..Born in Jail

  12. I have a girl crush, too.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..All My Bags Are Packed And I’m Ready To Go

  13. Corrin, you really nailed something that politicians don’t seem to understand these days: voters don’t always expect them to agree with us but we DO want to believe they’re completely candid and truthful.

    I’d rather hear a politician say s/he’s going to do something I don’t agree with and mean it than have someone lie about sharing my beliefs just to get my vote.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..All My Bags Are Packed And I’m Ready To Go

  14. I sure hope the GOP is smart enough to feed this surge of passion and support. A nice start would be ditching the crappy soft-spoken negative ads and coming out with invigorating, motivational ones that galvanize the potential new base of support: disenfranchised Hillary supporters, parents (esp. those with special needs kids) and small town America.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..All My Bags Are Packed And I’m Ready To Go

  15. Not to be sexist, but it doesn’t hurt that she’s freaking hot either. Nice Vogue cover!

    Steves last blog post..American Date format

  16. I suspect that’s what many women are thinking, too. Until Palin, most women in politics looked like they were trying to look like men with lipstick. Consider the contrast between Palin and Geraldine Ferraro, for instance. Even Hillary, with her “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit”, seems bent on disguising her gender.

    Palin’s gorgeous, intelligent and articulate. What woman doesn’t want to be like that?

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get to check out her shoes.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..All My Bags Are Packed And I’m Ready To Go

  17. Well, I just hope these “bridge to nowhere” and “trooper-gate” fiascos don’t amount to anything.

    As for your question: “What woman doesn’t want to be like that?”, I would hypothesize that there is a vocal group of women, mostly in the left-wing, who do not appreciate her poise and beauty, nor would they find her intelligence appealing. You know the ones, uptight and harsh…they try so hard to act and look like men, they might as well glue dildos onto themselves. Of course, they act nothing like men, who are rarely so rigid. 🙂

    I wonder what Hillary is going to say about her? The whole sour grapes thing might rear it’s head.

    Steves last blog post..American Date format

  18. @Steve: I like to describe those kind of women as being one shot of tequila and a fun Friday night away from being tolerable.

    Personally, I think Hillary will congratulate her and mean it. People forget that Hillary used to be a Republican until she switched parties to further her husband’s career. I’ve never really been convinced she’s truly meant the liberal policies she’s famous for supporting.

  19. I’ve got a huge chick crush now.

    My blogdaddy and other diehard lefties, on the other hand, will probably have a Rumplestiltskin-type meltdown before this election season is done. Should be fun to watch.

  20. Heh…like Michael Savage (?) says, “Feminism is for ugly women.”

    And I use the word “feminism” in the Dem/Lib sense.

  21. Actually, Fausta’s since corrected the original entry.

    Sarah Palin’s shoes at the Republican National Convention were the “Double Dare” pump by Naughty Monkey.

    I needs them.

  22. Me, too, but we’d better be careful or some of those leftie/Dem “feminists” that David mentioned (above) are going to misinterpret that.

  23. I’m convinced they are red from treading in the blood of her enemies.

    wgs last blog post..Warning Label Fail

  24. That could very well be.

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