The GOP’s Answer To Obama

by Venomous Kate

My latest column, Sarah Palin: The GOP’s Best Hope in 2012, is up at Pajamas Media.

Update: And, evidently, it has earned me yet another title: “It’s Katherine Berry! PJM’s! most! controversial! voice!” Yep, it’s true: some days it’s just downright fun to be me.

12 Comments to “The GOP’s Answer To Obama”

  1. Nice, I actually wrote a letter to Gov. Palin asking her to consider a run. She’s already had her baptism of fire, and after 4 years she’ll have enough political ammunition and savvy to bury the Obamunist bastard. She also won’t have McCain to drag her down either and tell her what she can or can’t do. When I watched her during the campaign I always had the sense that she was an exotic but caged bird. If she’s finally given a chance to fly free and true, then I have high hopes for her.

    Oh, and screw Romney.

    Lincoln Adamss last blog post..Prayers Gone Unanswered: Why Movements Like “The Call” Fail

  2. And, evidently, it has earned me yet another title: “It’s Katherine Berry! PJM’s! most! controversial! voice!”

    Actually, it’s better/worse than that. He/she/it spelled your name “Catherine” (matching you up against non-venomous Cate Blanchett?) called you “controverial” and “devisive” rather than “controversial” and “divisive,” and thinks the next Presidential election will be held in 2010. If only…

  3. Fred Thompson/Sarah Palin 2012

  4. I just want one month of no election anything. Then we can get all revved back up. K?

    Jeffs last blog post..When Ya Gotta Go

  5. Nice piece of writing.
    The next sonofabitch who attacks Sarah Palin in my presence gets a fat lip.

  6. I’d love that, too. Unfortunately, we still have a bunch of TiVo’d shows from before the election. You can’t imagine how my blood pressure soars as we fast-forward through Obama’s ads.

  7. Thanks. Slug ’em an extra one for me, too.

  8. Sarah Palin / Fred Thompson, I think. Then we don’t have to hear all that BS about being a “heartbeat away” since he’s older.

  9. You go girl! Wear that new moniker with pride! You deserve it – but is it “devisive” of you to correct the spelling? 😉

    Carmas last blog much for socialization …

  10. Personally, I think that would be a nightmare ticket. Thompson’s involvement in the Scooter Libby defense and history as a lobbyist would pretty much undermine Palin’s appeal as a Washington outsider.

  11. Congratulations! Oops. There have already been too many !!!! on this subject.