The Lower-Case F-word

by Venomous Kate

My latest column, Michelle Obama and the New Face of Feminism is up at Pajamas Media.

4 Comments to “The Lower-Case F-word”

  1. You know…..

    Having it all doesn’t mean you have children and a career. It means you’re happy with where you are in life. I would give anything to be able to spend more time at home with my son, but I can’t. I am financially responsible for supporting the rest of my family and it royally pisses me off that the feminist movement, by and large, sees child-rearing as somehow beneath them or less important, that the only desireable goal for an adult is the job they do.

    I thought feminism was supposed to be about choices. Kate, you’re in many ways the ideal feminist as far as I’m concerned – you left behind, intentionally, and knowing what you were doing, a highly lucrative career to devote your attention to being a mother. If I could do that, financially, I would do it in a heartbeat and never for a moment regret it.

    I think Michelle Obama has taken the role she has at this point because of the reception Hillary Clinton got when she tried to move outside of the traditional First Lady role. I would certainly not advocate that any First Spouse (regardless of gender – I have a feeling a “First Dude” isn’t too many years away…) be a simple wallflower, but there’s a huge difference between a politically necessary role and biding one’s time to expand that role, and “going back to being a mommy”. The oversimplification is a new historic low in the hypocrisy of this country’s media.

  2. Kate it is amusing to see the reactions to your article….from Affirmative action to A waste of time. You sure know how to choose your topics but you were a lawyer who transitioned to wahm who home schooled your son and found a great subject for PM. Loved that post.

    Gosh I wonder if Michelle will stop to enjoy some martinis in the process.

  3. Great article, Kate. Although I read the Wikipedia article on third wave feminism and was completely confused. Which is normal for me.

    The commenters on PJmedia got at bit deranged didn’t they?

    Though I doubted many things Michelle and Barack said during the campaign, the one thing I never doubted was that they loved their children. Frankly, it was that love “ringing true” that made me doubt some of the other things they said, like “punishing” with a child.

    Of course, I pick and choose what I want to hear. Still, I could never quite make fun of Obama the way I did Kerry. I could find NOTHING “real” about Kerry, where several things were obviously “real” about Obama.

    Anyway, we have our enigma with Obama.

  4. I’ve pointedly stopped reading the comments on my columns over at Pajamas Media after realizing that it was affecting my writing. For every rational person (regardless of whether they agree or disagree with me), there’d be 9 people who don’t understand the difference between disagreement and personal attack.

    It got to the point where I’d labor over a column trying to anticipate the responses from the moonbats… then I realized what a time-waster that is because moonbats don’t bother reading in the first place!