The Scent of Corruption

by Venomous Kate

Client Number 9 I love the smell of a fresh scandal in the morning.

And, really, what should one wear when caught in a timeless act of corruption but another classic?

That’s right, it’s the now and forever fragrance of Client No. 9, the scent we all recognize as the fullest expression of a politician’s true self.

Sure, it might cost you everything you’ve spent your entire life working for, as well as your family and your self-respect, but you’ll be guaranteed to linger forever in the public memory.

So go ahead and spritz it on liberally. After all, no one needs their nose to tell them you’ve been coming.

UPDATE: Rammer thinks it’s the same ol’ stink in a different package.

9 Responses to “The Scent of Corruption”

  1. And no matter how bad the stench, the liberal loons are backing him up. Well for client #9, he will try and buy(weasel) his way out of this one.

  2. Excuses you’ll be hearing:

    “What’s the big deal?”

    “It’s a private matter that has nothing to do with his job as governor.”

    “This is yet another reason why prostitution should be legalized.”

    “It’s Bush’s fault.”

    Did I miss anything? 😀

  3. *sniff*


    Why, you’re right: Client No. 9 does have a distinct undertone of weasel.

  4. Like,

    “It’s all about the oiiiiiiiiillllllllll!”


    “It’s for the chiillllllldren”?

  5. The thing I really hate in this is the picture of his long suffering wife standing next to him while he gives the talk to the press. At lunch today we opined about how she should have set up her own news conference on the front lawn of their 5th Ave mansion. There she could point to all of his stuff scattered around the lawn, read liberally from the restraining order, and announce her intention to use this experience to teach her three daughters and the rest of the good people of New York–God knows there must be some–about the meaning of that old saying about a woman scorned.

    p.s. I so love the graphic you whipped up to go with this note. It is just so … graphic.


    What did Elliot Spitzer say to the Madam?
    “My wife is a Spitzer, I want a Swallower”

  7. Did you hear what David Letterman said? Apparently Spitzer was on Hillary’s list of potential VPs. Letterman commented, “Boy, she sure knows how to pick ’em.”

    It’s also interesting when she’s questioned about this by the press. What was it she said — they’d have to wait until more information came in?

    Still stonewalling on her tax returns, too.

    But back on topic. Why did Silda (isn’t that her name?) stand up there by her man? She’s not wanting to run for president. Why put yourself through that? I don’t understand.

  8. Why put yourself through that?

    Because at this point anything she says will get picked up by the media and publicized, and that might work against her in divorce court when she’s attempting to remove her husband’s innards through his nostrils.

    Or, at least, that’s what would be going through my mind in similar circumstances.

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