What Will You Watch Tonight?

by Venomous Kate

Sure, it’s Super Tuesday but it’s also American Idol night. Thankfully, I’ve yet to get truly interested in Idol this season since it’s still in the early stages.

Otherwise, to be perfectly honest, I’d probably tune into Idol and skip the Super Tuesday coverage the other networks will be airing, analyzing, predicting, rehashing and otherwise milking for hours.

How about you: what will you be watching?

14 Comments to “What Will You Watch Tonight?”

  1. Red has both a doctor’s appointment and a business meeting this evening. Before that I’ll be making dinner so the kids have something to eat when they get home, in between bouts of laundry and various toting-of-things on Red’s honey-do list.

    heh and this is just the beginning.

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  2. If you were VH, none of that would preclude being practically glued to the TV.

  3. Politics, pfft. American Idol, double-pfft! I will be watching “The First 48” from 7-9 on A&E. 🙂

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  4. Me? I will be watching an episode of Firefly. Of course, given any particular evening, you have probably got about a 10% chance of that being the case.

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  5. We’ll probably flip between both Idol and CNN just so I can see my boyfriend Anderson Cooper.

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  6. #1 son and I are political junkies so we’ll be flipping between the different coverage on the various networks.

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  7. As much as I hate the early stages of idol. I have an 8-year old who loves idol; the princess can never be refused. I’ll be watching idol.

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  8. I’d rather sit naked in a tub full of scissors than waste my time watching American Idol. I have so little interest in Paula’s boobs, Randy’s pseudo-homeboy drivel, Simon’s pathetic and pre-planned attempts at snark, or the talentless collection of assclowns they parade across the stage that if it were in terms of temperatures, it could only be measured in single digits on the Kelvin scale.

    I listen to middle-school drama every evening when they get home from school. I don’t need to replay a scripted and overproduced version of the same thing with self-interested adults on my television.

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  9. Good lord, WG. Are you trying to become more of a Queen of Snark than I am?

    Oh, and btw, do NOT diss on Simon.

    I listen to middle-school drama every evening when they get home from school. I don’t need to replay a scripted and overproduced version of the same thing with self-interested adults on my television.

    Ah. So you won’t be watching the Super Tuesday coverage, either, then.

  10. Since tonight’s an audition night, I’ll watch Idol (I only watch the auditions), and sit here and get election returns from the internets.

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  11. Don’t get me wrong, Simon’s comments are the single point to American Idol that give the show any redeeming value at all. He’s generally spot-on with advice he gives to people, and a compliment from him is almost never an empty one. My problem with Simon is that, particularly during the mid-season, when he cuts somebody down it’s pretty obvious that some writer somewhere came up with it.

    Snark should be original (I say that, having shamelessly stolen part of mine above from Jeff Foxworthy…). I suppose I was feeling a bit pissy when I wrote my first comment; all I can say is that TV was bad before the writer’s strike, and the only foreseeable future that network TV has in my opinion is more reality shows. I have NO interest in that.

    As for Super-Duper-Pooper Tuesday…no. I’m a registered Independent and can’t vote in either primary anyway.

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  12. I had school tonight, unfortunately couldn’t watch anything but surreptitiously kept checking FoxNews & the like by internet. Yes, I had time to vote between leaving work And getting dinner AND getting to school, will just mention that my candidate did not win my state (grrr).
    We also have lots & lots of nasty weather through here (TN)and I am spending some time surfing whilst I wait for the next line of storms to come through… sigh.

  13. I watched “Death Proof”, Quentin Tarantino’s half of “Grindhouse”.

    It was awesome!

  14. We watched our TiVo of the post-post-game House. Then we watched Idol.

    I’m glad that neither party has a clear winner yet. Stick that in yer eye MSM! You have to keep covering it!

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