Whither the GOP?

by Venomous Kate

On the future — and possible erosion — of the GOP, Instapundit writes a “pre-mortem.”

So is it over for the GOP majorities in Congress? It’s still too early to say, I guess, but when even John Hinderaker is sounding extremely gloomy that’s certainly the way to bet.

So I want to stress, for the edification of any Republican leaders who might pay attention, that this is the result of a series of unforced errors on their part.

The errors, which are very well worth the read, can be summarized as:

1. The Terri Shiavo affair;
2. The Harriet Meyers debacle;
3. The Dubai Ports disaster;
4. Immigration;
5. William Jefferson; and
6. Foleygate.

To which I would add my own, specifically that President Bush has never, ever overcome the perception that he is politically controlled by others who are not accountable to voters… particularly Donald Rumsfeld. While that choice is clearly limited to Bush’s decision-making, I maintain the perception of non-accountability continues to hang over the Republican party, and the aforementioned list of errors actually lists the consequences of political puppetry.

3 Comments to “Whither the GOP?”

  1. …nor has he overcome but instead has continued to evidence that he is above accountability. That seems to have hurt him just as much with voters.

  2. What evidence is this, Dana?

    And, Kate, what action would produce such an overcoming of that perception?

    (A perception I’ve never shared, by the way.

    Where does this idea that Rumsfeld controls the President come from? Or laughable one common on the Left that Cheney is somehow in charge?)

  3. Well, it is true that Bush, unlike Clinton, doesn’t follow polls to closely. This means that he doesn’t jump each time a significant number of the masses pass gas. This will give the impression of being unaccountable. However, we had two chances of sending him home and we didn’t. That sounds pretty accountable to me.