Why My Kid Will Be In School Sept. 8

by Venomous Kate

If you’ve been online at all today you’ve no doubt read about Obama’s upcoming nationwide speech to schoolchildren on September 8. Maybe you’ve even read that Malkin and others are getting their panties in a wad over it, with some even calling to keep your kids home rather than subjecting them to the speech. My kid will be there, and I’m not bothered by that fact at all.

I don’t have a problem with a U.S. President telling my kid to study hard in school. Do I trust him, as SusanHW asked me on Twitter today when I’d said I didn’t care about the speech? Oh hell to the no.

But, see, I already know how little children work: they’ve been indoctrinated for years to idolize the office of the President and until they’re well into their teens it’s difficult for many to separate the office from the man. I also know that kids — and this time I include teens — are insanely curious about anything that Mommy or Daddy is against. Keep a kid home so they don’t listen to Obama then send him to school the next day when all of his little friends are hero-worshiping the guy, and what do you get? A future Democrat.

Oh, I’m fully aware that even if Obama keeps his speech specifically on-point about the importance of a good education, as Malkin points out “Obama zealot teachers like this one across the country will do all the extra-curricular bullying and haranguing for him.”

Living here in a rather conservative county in Kansas, I have the luxury of knowing there aren’t a ton of rabidly liberal, crap-spewing teachers like that one. I also know that, if one of my son’s teachers were to start proselytizing like that, I wouldn’t be the only parent shouting in the school office the next day. (But I might be the meanest.)

Frankly, I like to pick my battles carefully. Those of us in the GOP need to realize that bitching about every little thing the Dems do doesn’t make us sound informed or even draw attention to our primary issues; it just makes us sound bitchy.

Besides which, I know from experience that my boy is going to tune out any speech lasting longer than 30 seconds in favor of poking the little kid sitting next to him.

UPDATE: The White House has backed off of the wording in the teaching materials which was calling for students to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president”. Instead, the call is for students to write to themselves about their short- and long-term educational goals, with teachers collecting and holding the letters then giving them back to the children at a later date so they can see whether they’re keeping in track with the goals they set for themselves. (Source: Fox News).

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  1. Not being nosey, but what part of KS do you live in? My daughter and her hubby moved there in Nov. with their 2 kids. My 3 1/2 yr old grandson will probably start school in a public school, but I am hesitant as I have no love for public schools, and my kids only went to them the few yrs I couldn’t afford private school. They are looking to buy a house right outside Olathe in Gardner. Do you have any insight about how the ideology shakes out in that area as far as schools go? Anything you can tell me would be welcome. Thanks.

  2. My second-grader is in a school, in a park, across the street from my house. Twenty kids per classroom, 180 total, including two kindergartens, two first grades, and two fourth grades. All the teachers and aides are women. The principal and the janitor are the only men. Everybody knows everybody else. I talk to the principal every day as he stands in front of the school looking out for the kids along with sixty or so other parents looking out for the kids. We have a hawk in a tree in the front and a pair of foxes in the back. I’m not worried about Obama and I don’t even know that the school will interrupt its schedule for him.

    And yes, Michelle Malkin is tolerable but only in small doese.

  3. Di, Gardner is about 35 miles — an hour’s drive south– from me. But I might be in a different world from there. I’m in Leavenworth, (not the prison, the town), and here we are heavily military in addition to those who *work* (vis are guests of) the prison system(s).

    I don’t know Gardner. I haven’t been to Gardner. I can’t honestly speak for the folk in Gardner.

    But, I do know small town KS. And I love it. I love how traditional, yet more tolerant than one would think, my small town is. I can only speak for my small town.

    Wish I had more insight for you, but that’s part of living in a small town: you speak about that which you know, and you don’t the stuff you don’t.

  4. My boy may be in school or he may not be, but it won’t be because of President Pantywaist. But if my boy is in school, and if his school in a really red part of South Carolina deigns to broadcast Uhbummer, I know exactly what my kid (6 year-old) will do: He’ll look up, mutter “idiot!” under his breath, and go back to studiously hitting on the cute girl at his table. No worries with that one.

  5. I just found your blog via Hot Air. I think you’re right on as far as boys in the K-5 department go. I have four boys and none of them would have lasted more than 30 seconds into any kind of speech – even from SpongeBob hisself! There are too many distractions – paper to crumple, bugs to catch, ceiling tiles to count, you name it.

    I think it’s just weird that Obama feels the need to ‘speak’ to our kids. Isn’t it just weird? It is. I’ve thought it through and it IS weird. And, a little creepy.

    Me? I’m happy we’ve chosen to homeschool. I’ll watch the speech with my teenagers and we’ll talk about it and go from there. I’m not as trusting with my local school district as you are (your town sounds great) and I’m glad my 9-yr-old will miss the whole mess.

    Sorry to ramble. I liked your post and your take on the whole issue. Thanks.

  6. Isn’t Kansas the state that produced Kathleen Sebelliass and the Obama Mama who had a penchant for third world lovers?

  7. Kansas was a problem during The War of Northern Aggression also but it worked out in the end.

  8. Neighbor state (CO)public skrool worker comments, “Kid wouldn’t know what to think (not YOUR kid, any generic kid) in any case. Thinking isn’t encouraged…and you must think, somewhat, to be indoctrinated…this is a big problem. High dollar textbooks with whole sections entitled: “Global Environmental Inequalities” documenting the sad plight of poor urban Mexican girls are, shockingly, unread in the classroom!

  9. Maybe we should all consider attending school with our kids that day….. We should plan a nationwide parent “sit-in” on Tuesday. That might put some teachers in check on what they might be willing to say in our presence. Just a thought.

  10. We have laws in most states that prevent Police from interrogating children under 18 years of age without parents present.

    These laws apply even if the “message” of the police is entirely salutatory: “Little Johnny, its so important to our system that everyone tell the truth.”

    See, we realize that however “fine” the happy-proper use of such a coercive setting, the potential for abuse is so great that we simply do not permit it.

    Children should not have the bully pulpit aimed at them. They especially should not have to follow that by “psyop” tasks, such as “writing letters to themselves” which are then confiscated by the authority (without the parents ever seeing it, I should add) for purposes of “accountability.” They should not be indoctrinated about “why it is important” to listen to and obey political leaders. IN point of fact, those jerks are supposed to listen to the constituents. They’re not philosopher kings, they’re representative leaders in a democratic republic (if we can keep it).

    Guess who said ” He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

    Yeah, I know… automatic penalty point. But this whole exercise is distasteful. The left would (rightly) be barking mad if GW Bush tried to enlist children in his legislative agenda. Can you imagine the reaction to an address with teaching materials which asked kids “What do you think president Bush wants you do do?”

  11. you certainly have the right to raise your child how you see fit. Mine wont be in school on the 8th unless the school emails me back and says that there will be an opt out option.I dont want him talking to my kids on my time.

  12. Couldn’t have said it better. I definitely think Obama has AUDACITY to address the children (who don’t even vote), so why. Indoctrination.

  13. My option at the moment is to pick my kids up for an “appt” at 11:45 and return them to school at 1pm. Not sure if this is the right thing. My kids chanted NOBAMA before the election!

  14. Why? If you know that you raised your kid(s) right, why not let then be the one sitting in the school gym explaining to their peers how misguided Obama’s efforts to “indoctrinate” children are?

  15. JFK said ask not, bummah wants to know what the kids can do for him.My teenage neighbor cowgirl said she would tell him to hit the road and as an afterthought she said she might add FO.

  16. Kate,

    The reason is that if you have any psychology background at all, you will see that the materials prepared to “guide” discussion afterward are designed to stigmatize any nonconforming opinions. Its not an open and moderated marketplace of idea. It starts with the framework of reminding kids its “important” to listen to dear leader. The focus, ipso facto, is on the obligation to “help the president.”

  17. Will Kindergarten kids be provided those gigantic Crayolas to write their notes and self addressed letters with?
    How much was spent by the Obama Dept of ED on this exercise in propaganda and cognitive dissonance?
    Will Obama tell the kids why he has spent so much money on hiding his own academic records from the American public?
    Will Obama advise the high school kids to smoke dope as well as sell it like he did when attending HS in Hawaii?
    Will Obama explain the differences between racism, socialism, communism, facism and black nationalism? And why he is attracted to these isms?

  18. My kids will definitely be staying home this day and I know many, many others I can’t even keep tracked that will be also. May God help us all!

  19. Good grief. What’s next in the paranoid mindset? A rally against giving H1N1 shots to kids because the gov’t might save the syringes and covertly pattern all of their DNA? Or are we going to claim the shot actually contains brain-washing agents?

    Sometimes a boring, stupid speech is JUST a boring, stupid speech.

  20. I think the President just wants to tell our children to stay in school and get an education. How is that weird in any, way, shape or form? I wish past presidents had done that when I was in school or even when my children were in school. Now my grandchildren are there and I think it’s wonderful.

  21. You know that they know it is FUBAR when the DoE does this in haste for the “schoochildren” then backs off on the “what you can do for bumma part.”

    It is not a person of color telling kids to do well it is the commie tilt to the DoE lesson plan. It does not fit into the first day/week lesson plan any more than a talk from Barney.
    The point of what you can do for your country was not in the Bill Ayers school of capturing the kids mind.

  22. So why is everyone so against the leader of our nation inspiring children to be good students? Whatever happened to allowing our president to be a leader. I think children should be asked by the highest person in our country to settle into school and do well. Whether you like the president or not, you can’t judge him for acting like a leader. I applaud his plan to give a speech and my son will watch it. My son’s school starts late this year on Sept 14th, so he won’t be in school on the 8th. However, I plan to sit him down at home to watch the speech. The idea that the president is attempting to indocrinate students in the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Get real people. Being a good student and a good citizen is an important message for any kid to hear. Presidents Bush and Reagan gave speeches to schools during their terms and no one got their panties in a wad about that. So, why the tizzy now? Calm down everybody.

  23. Susan, you say we need to “calm down” Babe, you need to “wise up”. No, Bush and Reagan did not go to the extreme that your Obama is going with his “indoctrination proclamation”. Get yer facts straight and your panties out of your ears. Do some reading about the agenda that your Obama and the activities that the students are to perform for him in this exercise in “leadership”. Obama will not even release his own academic records so why shud he be telling kids what they shud be doing academically. Obamas Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, lead the Chicago School system, which is one of the least competent and most violent in the country. Susan, you shud be in a tizzy over the radical commies, facists, black nationalists, socialists and other wild eyed Brainiacs Obama has surrounding him in the White HOuse.

  24. Hi Susan,

    I blew off the whole thing until I saw the supporting materials. When the supporting materials call for soliciting written pledges of support to the president from the kids, I perk up and pay attention.

    When those same materials contain a decided “bent” toward indoctrinating my children to support top down agenda from the charismatic leader and well ordered statism I get annoyed. (“Why is it important that we listen to the President . . ?”, asks the handout).

    When that statist message is conveyed not by a video the teachers can play whenever they want, and which perhaps contains the “school is good” message coming a host of “positive role models” but, instead, by an “EVENT” that focuses only on the POTUS as if POTUS is the only one with the position of moral authority on the issue, well, sorry, but that’s distasteful. It reaches the point of being objectionable right about there too.

    You can argue this point, but the fact the White House has caused the things to be revised suggests they were at least open to troubling characterization.

    At bottom, the big issue for me is the cult of personality issue. The “president’s big speech to kids” — as if my kids’ teachers, their principal, their parents, and their community have never really said anything important about staying in school prior to now. Don’t you know the President is now the supreme national authority on education?

    “What is the president asking me to do?”

    “What specific job is he asking me to do?”

    “Is he asking anything of anyone else?”

    “Teachers? Principals? Parents? The American people?”

    “Does the speech make you want to do anything?”

    “Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?”

    See that? Suddenly, staying in school, trying hard, and being the best student you can be is not important because its the best way to brighten your future and make good life choices.

    Instead, the kids are being taught stay in school because the most important person in the world says so. [rolleyes]

  25. Gonzo,
    I bet the kids in North Korea have some of the same questions:

    “What is the president for eternity asking me to do?”

    “What specific job is he asking me to do?”

    “Is he asking anything of anyone else?”

    “Teachers? Principals? Parents? The Civilian Peoples Army? The starving Korean people?”

    “Does the speech make you want to do anything?”

    “Are we able to do what the Glorious Leader Kim is asking of us?”

    Yes, Susan, there is a bright and glorius tomorrow for those most willing to sacrifice for the peoples and for the Fearless Most Glorious Totally Kewl and Really Awesome Obama. I bet this puts a tizzy in your step.

  26. For the folks who did not live in the 30’s 40’s
    Mull this over and look at the parallels.
    The History Place – Hitler Youth

    Above — Hitler Youth perform in the Hour of Commemoration in front of the town hall in Tomaszow, Poland in 1941. Their flags bear the ancient Germanic Sig-Rune ‘S’ symbolic of victory.

    “My program for educating youth is hard. Weakness must be hammered away. In my castles of the Teutonic Order a youth will grow up before which the world will tremble. I want a brutal, domineering, fearless, cruel youth. Youth must be all that. It must bear pain. There must be nothing weak and gentle about it. The free, splendid beast of prey must once again flash from its eyes…That is how I will eradicate thousands of years of human domestication…That is how I will create the New Order.” — Adolf Hitler, 1933.

    The Hitler Youth
    Complete History in 5 Chapters

    * Beginnings to 1923
    * Road to Power 1923 – 1933
    * Prelude to War 1933 – 1939
    * Hitler’s Boy Soldiers 1939 – 1945
    * Aftermath – Nuremberg and Beyond
    * Timeline and Organizational Info

    See a Photo Slide Show

    * Hitler Youth Anthem :33.

  27. Why would you want your kid to help a man who can not vet his staff? Here is a reason to help him out of office.
    Friday, September 04, 2009
    Stunner! Obama Hack Van Jones Also a Mumia Supporter

    I haven’t mentioned this guy the past couple of days as others have been all over it, led by Jim Hoft. It says volumes about Barack Obama that he’d appoint an avowed Communist with apparent links to 9/11 Truther movements, even though the White House is treading extremely thin ice inexplicably sticking by this guy.

    The White House would not say whether the White House’s green-jobs czar, who has been linked to Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists, continues to enjoy the confidence of the president, but an official said he is still a part of the administration.

    Van Jones, the president’s special adviser for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), has come under fire this week for using an obscenity to describe Republicans and for signing a petition to get Congress to investigate whether the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were an inside government job.

    Most of the media is ignoring the story, naturally, but there comes a time when critical mass will be reached, and probably much sooner than later.

    The pathetic aspect of this is the obvious non-vetting of Jones or the likelihood Jones was vetted and Obama found nothing offensive about this man. Apparently the tech-savvy wizards at the White House are too incompetent to run a simple search, as many are now in the process of doing.

    Now we find Jones also has a thing for the cop-killing darling of the left, Mumia Abu Jamal. This is from 10 years ago, obviously pre-dating Jones’ later hook-up with other radicals in the Truther movement.

    Supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a death row inmate convicted for the 1981 shooting death of a Philadelphia police officer, said the protest was called after the Supreme Court on Monday rejected claims that Abu-Jamal, a former radio journalist and Black Panther, did not receive a fair trial.

    “We knew there was another event going on, but the timing of the court decision is what dictated when the protest was held,” said Van Jones, a San Francisco civil rights lawyer who helped coordinate the protest march.

    Via Gabe Malor.

    So let the White House play cute and try to minimize the likely Jones association with the wacked-out Truthers. Have at it.

    Let’s MoveOn: Why is Obama appointing supporters of cop killers?

    Linked at Instapundit. Thanks!

    Labels: Barack Obama, Mumia Abu Jamal, Van Jones

  28. I was a kid of the late 50’s and 60’s. At that time one of my greatest fears was the communists in the Kremlin but, now that has changed….my greatest fear today is the communists in the White HOuse.

  29. I read your article and completely agree with you. Interestingly enough I am a proud Democrat. I can’t find anything wrong with what the President intends to say to our children and I am grateful that we have a President that sees the value in this.

    Only correction is we don’t see Conservatives as “Bitchy” when they exhibit the type of behavior that I am constantly reading of online. We see that as downright ignorant, bigotous, racist, etc. It only makes us fight harder. Kate if more of the GOP were grounded as you are, I might take a minute or two to actually listen to what was being said. Thank you for your honesty!

  30. The President of our United States is making a short pro-education speech and suddenly he’s Kim Jong Il? Have you all completely lost perspective? Would you feel that way if McCain was President and decided to similarly address students? Of course not.

    Plus, am I wrong or has just about everyone on this forum taken the public option – in education. Public school is the public option and it’s working pretty well. Perfect? No, but neither is private school.

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