PMS Threat Level Advisory

by Venomous Kate

PMS Threat Level

Oh, sure, I could get into the habit of posting this little graphic every few days to warn people about the current PMS threat level.

(Today is Yellow, lucky you.)

Or I could just point you to PMS Buddy, a free service to help you track “that time of the month” for the women in your life.

5 Comments to “PMS Threat Level Advisory”

  1. Beautifully classic!

    I remember back when I was teaching myself how to program in X windows and learned how to manipulate a gauge widget – the PMS indicator was one of the first tools I built. 🙂


  2. This would be useless at my house, since the “P” stands for “Perpetual.”

  3. Well, you know what they say PMS stands for… Putting Up with Men’s Shit.

  4. I have two to keep track of, with a third less than a year away. *sigh*

  5. The four weeks in the month of a woman (cleaned up significantly)

    1 It’s the week before my period- I’m gonna be grumpy
    2 I’m having my period- I’m gonna be grumpy
    3 It’s the week after my period- I’m gonna be grumpy
    4 I think I’ll be a B* this week

    (not that I’m happily divorced or anything)