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February 3rd, 2010

I Want A New Drink

by Venomous Kate

I need to find a new signature drink. Martinis are so passé, not to mention I can’t make a decent one and therefore have to rely on the skills of others. Suggestions?

Some caveats:
(1) No “shot” type drinks. Only sippers!

(2) I want something simple, as in: open bottle, pour, enjoy.

(3) If it costs more than $25, VH will “accidentally” forget to buy it. Even if it’s a sure-fire Get Lucky drink.

(4) Don’t suggest red wine (it gives me headaches) or tequila (I give other people headaches).

(5) Nothing too sweet. Yep, I’m STILL dieting. (Down 27 pounds now, thanks for asking.)

That said – heh – what do you suggest?