Google+ May Kill Facebook For Me!

by Venomous Kate

When it comes to games, I love Facebook. Except when I don’t. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve started playing there, only to find the game bullying me into spending more and more time (and urging me to spend money as well). Oh, sure, it’s all fun and games at first… then there’s some crop that’s going to wither, or some mission that won’t get completed on time, and I find myself trying to do something away from my computer only to feel myself getting antsy as the deadline approaches.

Screw that.

As far as the social networking thing on Facebook? I love it. Except when I don’t. Having to tweak my privacy settings on what’s starting to feel like a daily basis is irritating. My status updates belong to ME, and it shouldn’t be up to Facebook to decide with whom I’ll be sharing them.

And don’t get me started on the whole Facebook attitude that simply because I “like” a product or page means I want to get their updates in my news feed forever and ever, amen. I shouldn’t have to opt out of those; I should be able to “like” something and THEN have the choice whether I want to keep reading about it every day.

That, by the way, is how I initially wound up with a group of Facebook ‘friends’ that included people who update their statuses constantly, as if Facebook was Twitter, so I know where they’re eating, what they’re wearing, what hand they just used to wipe with, etc. Who cares?

Sure, I can hide all of that… but it’s far easier to simply tune it all out by pretty much ignoring any interactions not happening on my own wall.

Which is why, a mere four hours into it, I am adoring Google+. No, there aren’t any games (so far).

What’s there, however, is exactly what I want in a social network: an easy way to set my privacy levels, and an intuitive means to separate my social circles so I can selectively share information before I drunkenly automatically hit “Share”.

I like that. Or, should I say, I +1 it?

Regardless, if you’re on Google+ feel free to find me. I am, as always, Venomous Kate. (In fact, you can find me here:

14 Responses to “Google+ May Kill Facebook For Me!”

  1. Test three. (1st on EV)

  2. Right hand, since you asked.

  3. If you get to send others invites… I would like one 🙂

  4. Well not on as yet…

    Don’t know if I want yet another place to have to update. It’s already gotten overwhelming enough. I am pretty bad at facebook as it is. I don’t ever play the games and just manage to peak in periodically… I’m sadly unfacebooky. I even hooked it up to twitter (selectively) so I could mostly do updates as twofers. (I’m guessing the fb people you know have the direct twitter link that posts everything not an @ reply – I don’t like that one)

    People seem to like Google+ we’ll see how it goes I guess. I heard they shut down invites quickly because of overwhelming demand. Not sure what’s up with that, but I’m in no hurry.

    Have fun, I’ll try to check in for updates from you on it to see if you’re having fun. 😉

  5. Randy, I’ve sent you one. Check your email. May have to check your spam folder, too. 🙂

    The way the invite works is that you’ll get an email saying that I mentioned you in an entry on Google+. At the bottom of that email is a link. Click it, and you’ll be taken to G+ to create your own profile. Then you’re in!

    Teresa, I hear ya on the confusion. I’m doing my best to figure out how to cross-post comments on blog entries here to Facebook, whether on my own wall or on EV’s fan page. I’ve got the latter going… but I would REALLY like to have comments that are left on FB about my blog entries show up here, too. As for invites, see above. 🙂

  6. While we are on the subject, what is up with that “Question” thing. I quit doing it when I figured out one has to answer a bunch of stupid questions to find out what one friend said about me.

    Then there is the “Sexy Name” thing. One of my friends gets her posted every day. I made a comment on her name and now it is doing mine too. Anybody know how to put a stop to these annoyances?

  7. That’s just another stupid FB time waster. The way to stop them is:

    1. Look in the upper right hand corner of your FB page. Click Account > Privacy settings.

    2. Now, look to the lower left hand corner where it says “Apps and Websites” and click “Edit Your Settings”.

    3. Next to “Apps you use” click Edit. To the far right of each app is little blue x. Click it for each app you want to block.

    If anything else shows up in your news feed that you don’t want to see, hover your mouse to the right of it. A drop down box will show up asking if you want to Hide it, block it, etc. Choose wisely.

  8. OH MY goodness you are my favoritest. Did you send it to the email attached to these comments though? I haven’t seen it yet :). But I will be a lookin!

  9. Yep, that’s the email I sent it to. But don’t get too excited. Apparently only a few people got one, although I’ve sent out several. And now G+ is saying they’ll be enabling invites soon. By implication, I guess that means I don’t have any more. 🙁

  10. I have never been much of a facebook person I have only been a member less than a year and I think I made three posts,thanks for the google invite Ill get it added

  11. I bailed on Facebook last year but my wife and all her relatives are still on it. I plan to check out Google+ as soon as I can get on it and then decide whether to start trying influencing some defections.

    The different circles bit appeals to me; I was never comfortable with the idea that people I only knew from the internet had the same access as my wife.

  12. McGehee I decided long ago to consider whatever I post online to be public. No matter what I’ve been assure of to the contrary. I think that’s a safer way to conduct online lives lol.

  13. Yep, I pretty much assume everything I’ve ever written online, including comments on other peoples’ blogs as well as FB, Twitter, etc., is public… and always will be.

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