How Much Do You Trust Google?

by Venomous Kate

A 2007 Harris Interactive Reputation study released today says that America’s most trusted company is Google, the ubiquitous search engine with the name that’s since become a verb (much to Google’s annoyance).

According to people who get paid to study this kind of stuff — which I don’t — that level of trust shows that U.S. consumers look beyond mere name-recognition when deciding whether a company is trustworthy.

“Google is the perfect example showing reputation does not correlate with ad spending,” said Robert Fronk, senior VP-senior consultant, reputation strategy, at Harris Interactive. “The positive perception of how you treat your employees, your corporate-social-responsibility efforts, and your products and services and the amount of media that can generate probably trumps any ad spend they would ever want to make.”

In other Google news:

• Today Google is expected to reveal a new method of tracking user clicks to help advertisers better target their ads to coincide with users’ interests.

• Also announced today, Google’s much-anticipated cell phone will be delayed for at least two quarters due to manufacturer’s difficulties programming in Android, the Google-created software the company hopes will revolutionize the cellular industry.

• Publicly available Google local search data is being used in a trial to define pornography, with an attorney arguing that frequent searches for sexually explicit material demonstrates a community’s obscenity standard.

With 81.85% of 27,000 respondents declaring Google as the most trustworthy company, it seems the real news here is how few people understand the word trustworthy.


5 Responses to “How Much Do You Trust Google?”

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Forget either, I’ll just go hysterically mad.

    Lincolns last blog post..Am I Screwed?

  2. Trustworthy for whom. Do I need someone to create another piece of software that tracks which brand of TP I wipe with and then sell that to the TP Institute of America so they can fill my spam file with adds proclaiming the virtues of their product. NOT!

  3. Google is probably the most trusted company in America, which is saying I’d rather leave my wallet in the hands of an itinerant hobo than trust those money grubbing corporate bastards.

  4. Aren’t “itinerant” and “hobo” a little redundant?

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