iPhone: uSuck

by Venomous Kate

Last week, I couldn’t stop laughing at the people interviewed by TV news crews as they lined up outside AT&T centers to get their new iPhone. Seriously, who didn’t find the redheaded guy sounding far too much like some streetcorner addict, salivating and sputtering, “I gotta have it. I gotta. I just have to have it.” I can only wonder what people like him are feeling now that so many are discovering that they can’t even activate their shiny new iPhone.

Without activation, not even the phone’s alarm clock works, leading some unhappy customers to joke that their inactive iPhones are little more than expensive paperweights.

AT&T attributed the problems to overloaded servers as large number of customers tried to activate their phones over the weekend. After being hit with the initial onslaught, AT&T made technical adjustments to its activation system so that new users wouldn’t face the same delays, Coe said.

“Overloaded servers.” Wow, what a way to spin the situation… “Gee, we had no idea this thing would be so popular!”

Reality: Apple expected to sell 950,000 iPhones on the first day.

Shoppers bought 200,000.

Translation: AT&T and iPhone don’t just let you surf the web — if you can get activation — they also take you and your wallet for a ride.

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3 Responses to “iPhone: uSuck”

  1. An unnamed “mall concierge” reported by a rumor site says something about wristbands, and suddenly “950,000” is Apple’s target?

    Never believe anything on a rumors site.

    I mean, AT+T effectively sold out their stock. Sounds more like immense success than “only sold 20% of planned”, no matter what extrapolations from a mall concierge’s statement get you.

  2. Ok, Sigivald, analyst estimates report sales of 300,000 to 500,000 on the first weekend. Which is still significantly less than the 950,000 expected.

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