Lost In (Geek-Speak) Translation

by Venomous Kate

After an email tussle with a soldier friend who’s serving overseas, all of my profusely apologizing emails bounce back with an MMX error. This has been gong on for two months.

Can anyone explain what an MMX error means? And, more to the point, does this mean I should assume something horrible has happened to my soldier friend???

2 Comments to “Lost In (Geek-Speak) Translation”

  1. Just a guess but either your email server or the destination server or even a router in between has a Win 32 dll corrupted or an option MMX or no MMX encoding setting wrong. Not your fault though it could be something you have in the message that is causing the send envelope to trigger the translation in the DLL that handles it.

    You asked.

  2. Thanks, BoR. Email from both my gmail and domain are getting bounced, so I assume the problem is on his end. Ah, well.