Say Adios To Adobe

by Venomous Kate

I’ve mentioned before how very much I despise having .pdf documents come up in search results.

That’s in part because they tend to be massive gobs of poorly formatted text which makes for unpleasant viewing online. But, of course, Adobe managed to convince the government and big business to use their program by promising it would make information more accessible when, in fact, quite the opposite has occurred.

See, I do a lot of research online — a lot — and yet I cringe every time I see pdf files in the search results since I know I’m not only going to be staring at an ugly page, but that it’s going to be a useless page for the most part.

For all their promise, pdf files can be nothing but grief if you’re just interested in copying and pasting a section into the Word document you’re working with … unless you’ve got the program to convert pdf to text.

Frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about that program. Surely I’m not the only person irritated with Adobe, much less the high price of Adobe Acrobat? It shouldn’t cost that much to translate from pdf to text just so you can work with information!

Given the number of projects I’m juggling right now, I’m definitely going to be looking into this program further. There’s a 30-day fully-functional trial version, if you’re interested in checking it out, too: convert pdf2text.

8 Comments to “Say Adios To Adobe”

  1. I also try to copy and paste text from pdf files to work with in Word… pain in the ass. I’m going to check out the link. Thanks!

  2. Sorry to disagree, but there are some things Adobe Acrobat works just fine for. Of course, I say that because I’ve always had the full version on my computer and have no trouble copying and pasting, or converting to images.

    Yeah, the price is a little high for full functionality, but keep in mind that the creator of an Adobe document has much greater control over what the end user can do with it. I absolutely adore the ability to create documents that others cannot change in any way.

  3. Copying and pasting from a PDF text file is easy. All you have to do is select the proper tool from Adobe Reader. There’s a text copy tool in reader but it’s not on by default, you have to turn it on. Once you do, you can cut and past all day long.

  4. Hmmm…fist time I tried this comment, it wasn’t posted…will repost:

    Adobe “Anything” is a bloatware joke. If you absolutely need to open PDFs download Foxit software’s Foxit Reader…it’s freeware and…ta da..opens PDF files…plus you can highlight text and copy it to the clipboard. All that for about 2Mb of disk space..hell, I have the thing running on my memory stick. Compare that to Adobe Reader and it’s constantly increasing size requirements – here at the office on the “official” workstation build – it’s bloated up to 107Mb…to read freaking PDFs.

    Foxit also sells a PDF Creator and a PDF Editor, both of which will be a helluva lot cheaper than anything Adobe puts out.

    Just go to foxitsoftware(dot)com (NOTE: I had the full URL here, maybe that’s why my post didn’t come through?)

  5. Yep, that’s what caused your first comment to go into moderation.

    Thanks for the tip on Foxit. Me likey.

  6. I was going to say exactly what Timmer said above. It is very easy to copy text from a PDF. I’ve had to work with PDFs for a few years, copying text from them and then pasting into another app.

    What version of Adobe Reader do you have? Because the version I have (9) lets me save as a txt file. Adobe Reader is free and full functioning.

  7. Nope, sorry. I hate Adobe Reader. It bogs down my laptop which, admittedly, is not top of the line. It’s a laptop that I use for word processing and reading things online… you know, like Adobe Reader is *supposed* to make possible.