The MacBook Air Makes Me Crave Apple

by Venomous Kate

Macbook Air Steve Jobs unveiled the sexiest thing to hit computing in his Macworld keynote address on Tuesday: the ultra-thin Apple MacBook Air subnotebook.

How thin is it? Computerworld Magazine says it feels like holding a stack of paper plates in your hand, yet it still has a full-size keyboard, the same 13.3 inch screen used in the Macbook series, and processors which — although not top-of-the-line — are equivalent to the Macbook Pro series of two years ago.

I wants one, people. Truly, I do.

Oh, I don’t have any good reason to buy one. My Toshiba is only two years old and still works like a trooper, particularly now that I’ve replaced the power cord and stocked up on spare laptop batteries.

About the only problem I’m having with it these days (besides not being able to play several computer games) are some scratches on the screen. But the cost of laptop screen repair is significantly lower than buying a Apple MacBook Air. (Besides which, the MBA wouldn’t play half the video games I own, much less handle the latest releases.)

That doesn’t stop me from wanting one, though.

Which is why I’ve been spending the evening trying to think of ways to convince VH that, if something were to go wrong with my Toshiba, we should just get a MBA rather than send my machine in to a quick laptop repair center.

So far, my list looks like this:

  1. 1. The MBA is sexy.
  2. 2. Apples are good for you.
  3. 3. Ummmm….

Yeah, I got nothing.

13 Comments to “The MacBook Air Makes Me Crave Apple”

  1. Have you seen the commercial for it on Apple’s website? Really makes me want one, although I have absolutely no need for a laptop right now. And my iMac is working just fine.

    Which games do you play? I suspect that Worlds of Warcraft does not fair well on it. That’s pretty much a deal breaker for Yakette and me.

  2. Here’s the logical progression.

    1. MBA’s are sexy.
    2. Apples are good for you.
    3. Getting something that is both sexy and good for you is likely to result in something that is both good and sexy.
    4. You have a good and sexy wife.
    5. Getting your good and sexy wife a good and sexy laptop will result in something else that’s quite good, and quite sexy.

    Try it, see if it works. 🙂

    @ yak – play Anarchy Online. That’s my game.

    wg’s last blog post..Dreams

  3. I need a new laptop; my 6 year-old DELL is on its last breath and I would love to have an Mac; my sexy wife could give a rat’s ass about any computer – so where does that leave me?? Yeah that’s what I thought.

    Bryan’s last blog post..What to Read Next

  4. I’m not a WoW player, but I’ve got a slew of games here I wish I could play on my laptop. Unfortunately, my Toshiba has Intel graphics and most games coming out want an ATI/Nvidia card.

    Of course, very few of them make that completely clear on the outside of the box, which means I have a slew of open yet unplayable games.

    Sexy as the MBA is, I’m not sure I’d fare any better. I do like your progression there, WG.

    And, Bryan, you have my sympathies: VH only gives a rat’s ass about his computer having the latest and greatest. Over the past year we’ve bought him 2 (count ’em, two!) different graphics cards, some dohickey that helps him pull in HDTV, some other doohickey that helps that first doohickey, a new hard drive, upgraded memory and a better monitor.

    I could’ve had an MBA for what we’ve spent on his desktop and he only uses his about 3 hours a day.


  5. Oh, the mac. If I win the lottery I’m buying 4-5 of every item that apple makes. I absolutely love apple. Unfortunately the funds here can only support a HP… I can still dream!

    Andy’s last blog post..Abortion vs. Adoption

  6. I can’t even justify looking at the thing. I have three laptops. I just can’t do it.


  7. Three? THREE?? Good lord, man. How many laps do you have?

  8. Jeff, over at The Shape of Days wrote an article about the MacBookAir that I found interesting.

    To summarize:

    Turns out, the Air has 20% less power than the original (chip is 1.6G rather than 2G) and the RAM comes already installed with no upgrading possible. Nor can you order it with less RAM and save money by buying and installing it yourself.

    I’m not even going to get into the issue of the hard drive. Don’t think about playing games on this baby at all. Unless your business relies on you having a tiny, light, ultra-portable Mac, it isn’t as valuable as the original MacBook or MBPro. Costs an arm and a leg.

    My household has two original MB’s. I can play just about anything I want on my MacBook (thank you Boot Camp), and it runs all the graphics and coding programs my boyfriend needs for his projects.

    Now to stop sounding like an ad…and head back to my lurking.

  9. As usual, wg brings a smile to my face.

  10. Kate, if he doesn’t want to go for a laptop, show him this

    wg’s last blog post..Dreams

  11. My 5 year old dell won’t play the games either, that’s why, when I replace it, I’ll be replacing it with a gaming machine. Better for the graphics I manipulate too…

    kimsch’s last blog post..Monday Morning Musings

  12. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had nothing but horrible experiences with the Apple systems I’ve bought.

    I got a top-end MacBook Pro that died after 6 months. Apple refused to replace it. It happened during a huge crunch period at work, so I was basically forced to go buy another one and sort it out later (they never did replace it). Wireless stinks, it overheats like crazy, and it makes an annoying high pitched buzzing noise — all for only ~$7000!

    But yes, I suppose it looks cool. 🙂

    dennis’s last blog post..Howto: Bypass SSL Certificate Errors on the iPhone

  13. Right there with you, VK. You know that Toyota commercial where people are destroying their vehicles in order to justify getting another? I wonder if the giant boulder off the side of a mountain would take care of this little HP…

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