Caption Contest

by Venomous Kate

Caption Contest
(Via Boing Boing… and yes, it’s really him!)

Winners announced Monday.

15 Responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. OK Bill this is how you do it…Yes, you must inhale.

  2. “Let me ‘splain it to ya Lucy.”

  3. Didja get a free bowl of soup with that hat?

  4. I really must be losing my mind. I followed the link and thought it was old photos of Osama bin Laden. And this happens every time I see Obama’s name in print! Oh, sorry. This is, obviously, not an attempt at a caption.

  5. Thats some good weed man

  6. Weed blankens my slate for you to write on.

    Yeah, I suck at caption contests, but I think the photos are really great.

  7. Hey baby wanna get together with the future president?

  8. Chicks cannot hold their smoke…you dig mon!

  9. “President-Elect Obama Vows Not To Smoke Inside”

  10. “Eeey, maan….joo know dat guy, Boosh, maaan?”
    “Oh yea, maaan….joo know I tink I played wit dat guy once.”
    “Oh yea, maaaan?”
    “Yea, maaan. Joo know, dat time we was out in Chicago, maan…Man, them Chicago politicians, man, dey know how to party, man.”

  11. Hope! Change! Inhaling!

  12. Barack liked to go over to his friend Bill Ayers’ house and get totally bombed.

  13. ..sssssst.

    What is it, Fish?

    (Thank you, Lord Buckley….)

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