Caption Contest

by Venomous Kate

Obama addresses a town hall meeting

Winners announced Friday!

13 Comments to “Caption Contest”

  1. Lady with white-ish jacket: “His hair is SO Much greyer now … d*mn Republicans!”
    Lady in Pink Jacket: “I should never eat meatball subs … oy.”
    Lady in white blouse looking down: “You’d think the President, of all people, would have better shoes.”
    Lady in blue print blouse: “I hate Bush, I hate’em I hate’em I hate’em.”
    Only white male in the audience: “Am I the only white male in the audience?”
    Lady in brown print blouse: “Just like my daughter, I hate Bush, I hate’em I hate’em I hate’em.”
    Lady in Pink Blouse: “Eggs? check, Toilet paper? check, Bread? Check … my neighbors mortgage at the expense of my children’s education? … check.”
    President Obama: “And then I was like, Oh … just get ‘er an iPod.”

  2. Obama to Girl in white top:

    Soooo….. who was it that said, “”Gee Mr President- verybody hates insurance companies, NOW’s the time to push health care reform. Think about how popular you’ll be….”

  3. “Is your grandma shovel-ready?”

  4. Awww, did you wee wee?

  5. “Looks like someone is ready to talk to the death panel right now.”

  6. lady behind guy “yea Im gonna die”….Obama well….ummm

  7. What chu talking bout Willis?

  8. People…
    People who rule people…
    Are the luckiest people in the world…
    They’re children, our needy children…

  9. So a priest, a nun, and a rabbi walk into an emergency room ….

  10. Johnny- who’s our next patient on HEALTH- CARE- BINGOOOOO!

  11. Not a caption: In any case, ’bout time you came back ____.

  12. Thanks, _____. Good to be back!