Caption Contest

by Venomous Kate

Have at it! Winners announced… eventually.

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10 Comments to “Caption Contest”

  1. Ew, Scott Brown, another politician photographed with his shirt off. I think I will be sick.

  2. “You didn’t hear that, did you? No? …be careful, you might smell it in a minute.

  3. This revolution thingy is trickier than it looked in Saul’s book.

  4. I picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue
    (Apologies to Airplane)

  5. President Obama practices for his future job, impersonating Tim Meadows at parties and bar mitzvahs.

  6. “When I do this, then relax and then do it again like this … my ears wiggle.”

  7. “Mr. President, Keith Olbermann just called you a sexist, racist, homophobic jackass. Could you comment?”

  8. There’s never a head around when you need one. This damn gasball is eating up my leg.

  9. Man, I really thought this job as President would be a piece of cake!